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You need to know about this now
Published 09-26-2017

You need to know about this now

Mike G is at it again. Somehow he always manages to stay way ahead of the curve,
which means just one thing for you. Be the first in any market with any new
product or service and you cannot fail. Please, I urge you, study Mike's
letter below VERY carefully.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

An unbelievable opportunity to make serious money. Lifestyle changing money!
I'll show you how and be with you every step of the way.

Our app, the Silent SalesmanTM has taken on a new dimension, a new avenue
for distribution that is proving to be one of the smartest business decisions
I have ever made and I invite you right now to be a part of it. 

And the new stats are in...

 The average American adult over 18 spends 2 hours and 51 minutes
a day on their smartphone, and average sending 34 text messages.
And roughly 90% of the time spent on a smartphone is spent using apps.
(This info courtesy of Wall Street Daily).

There is no argument to be made - your customer's customers are on their smartphones!

And know this, I am only going to allow 150 people worldwide, a maximum of 150 active
Silent Salesman(TM) brokers, to participate in this program. That's it! No kidding!

The reason is simple - I want there to be way more than enough business for everyone
who puts their faith and trust in this product, the Silent Salesman(TM) and with
the system I have developed for selling it like giving candy to a baby.

Tap or click here for the rest of this amazing story:

 And, if at this time you are not able to render the refundable deposit,
I have two brokers who would like to have you on their team and share
commissions with you... This won't cost you anything.

I will merely put you in touch with a broker who would like to work with you,
on a 50/50 split, and of course I will train you just like I do the brokers
who put down the refundable deposit. If you want this position it can pay
very big money, please send an email to my assistant at:, use the subject line: "Associate Broker", and include:

 1. Your name
 2. Your location (state, country, etc),
 3. Your email address, and
 4. Your phone #.
 (Only use this email address for this purpose).

Note, if you elect this option we cannot allow you to upgrade to
your own broker designation for a period of one year. I want to be
fair to existing brokers and there's lots of money to be made by everyone.

Again, to see what this is all about, click or tap here:


Mike G, CEO

We Have been Providing Online Advertising Services for Businesses for the past 17 Years. We can change the way your story ends.
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