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Free Phones and now SIM Cards = Big Profits
Published 11-21-2017

Free Phones and now SIM Cards = Big Profits

This just in from Mike G, and you can be among the first...
Please, I encourage you to take advantage of this immediately!

 -- Jane Mark


I've added more details on this exciting - and profitable -
program, so be sure to read the full letter below...

 Here is why I am writing you urgently today, and
forgive me if this sounds like hype but it is true
and I'll prove it to you on the recording...



While I am waiting for my webmaster and developer to finish
out their job so we may launch the next blockbuster program
(it's in partnership with Tell-A-Doc and we call it ICAN GetWell),
I was approached by a company representing the Federal Government,
who sponsored our company, they selected us, to be a big part
 of this program.


Therefore I invite you to immediately listen to the recording at:
Free Phones Equals Big Profits


And get this... Even though this government program has been in
existence since 1984, that's right - going back all the way to
free landline service, what most people fail to recognize is...


EVERY DAY millions more qualify for a free smartphone because of
job loss, enrolling in SSI, new medicare recipients, new disability
enrollees, food stamp entitlements, and the list goes on and on.
And the government continues to add new eligible categories.


In fact as I write you this letter, here in the state of Florida
there are over 4.5 million people who qualify and don't even
know it - yet!


Add it all up, including that we can arrange for free marketing
materials including a tent if you wish to hold a special event,
and a supply of phones to give away on the spot. We know of no
one else, no other company, that can do this for you.
It truly is a fortune waiting to be had.


The proof is in the putting - the company who arranged our government
sponsorship over just a 3 weekend period, gave away over 58,000 phones
netting them $696,000... in three weekends!


You earn $10 for every phone given away up to 500 phones, then $12
for every phone after that. You will also work directly with Tom Wilkes,
my company president, for your setup, training, and all support.
Tom will be in touch with you shortly after you fill out the participation form at:

Free Phones Equals Big Profits


And, I'll send you a tablet for instant setup of each phone you give away.


We will also provide you with a continuous loop video, about three minutes long,
to play on a laptop which gives an excellent presentation for your passerby's
to see. In fact, the video has a count down saying, "The Spanish version will begin
in 'x' minutes." that appear on each screen, and the Spanish video has the same
announcement but of course it says, "The English version will begin in 'x' minutes."


Take fast action, please! Because of the one-on-one training I'm only
allowing seven partners per week.


If you are outside the U.S., even though this a U.S. based program you can
still participate simply by finding a U.S. partner to "run the show" for you,
so to speak, while you put up the refundable deposit. And if you need help
I will help you find that partner if you choose. Just let me know at with subject line, "Need a U.S. Partner"


Please realize this: We and we alone have made special arrangements
with the company the government awarded the management of this program to,
to waive the two weeks of classroom training and the required multiple
insurance policies you would need.


Because our company has undergone the training for all of our independent
reps and purchase blanket insurance to satisfy the Feds - you only need to
attend a live or recorded webinar and pass a brief ethics test (it's a piece of cake).
Tom will coordinate this with you.


Without us you would probably never have the time or money for travel and
lodging just for the classroom requirements let alone four separate
insurance policies - which, by the way, cost us $500 per month.
You would have to pay the same.


This is serious money backed by the Federal Government.


And one last thing -- you can also give away a SIM card for installation in an
existing phone so your 'free' customer does not need to transfer all their data
on an existing phone. Plus you earn the same money and the customer gets free
phone time every month. (And they can add more time if they want, at the
subsidized discounted rate.)


And just so you don't think I am raiding a database, which I would never do,
if you came into my family of companies via sponsorship from someone else,
I will pay out of my pocket your direct sponsor a referral fee when you
become a free phones partner (as the fee you pay is a deposit only).


Again, here's the link:
Free Phones Equals Big Profits



Mike G.
 Don't confuse me with other Mike G's on the net.
 Earn several streams of income on
auto-pilot, I'll teach you every Tuesday.
 An invitation to be my partner and
 easily share in BIG profits.


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