Flying Dollars. New Automatic purchase plan.

These are the types of programs that have
long life sustainability.

Register at the link, below.

Click on the Home link at the top of page,
to get full details.

There are several ways to get started:

1. Purchase a feeder for $1.50.

2. Get pif for a feeder for $1.50.

3. Purchase a Flying Dollar position for
$4.00 and bypass all those cycling from
the feeder into Flying Dollar 1.

4. Sub module being added. Will allow
automatic purchasing.

For $1.50, you can earn $86.00.

If you decide to recruit, you can generate
additional revenue from bonuses.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

P.S. You can register and deposit funds. Launch
is Tuesday, 8:30 pm Est, 6/2/2020.

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