How it works!
Profit from Free Ads is a unique and powerful advertising site that I predict will quickly become your GO TO site for all things business online.
P.F.F.A. gives you the ability to...
  • Send solo ads for life.
  • Build a list fast.
  • Earn huge commissions from 7 levels.
  • Get huge advertising exposure.
  • Use this powerful Wealth Creation System to build a future that is secure and stable.

You can join the site free and benefit from the free advertising P.F.F.A. gives you but to put the full power of this impressive advertising system to work for you, then upgrading is definitely the way to go.

Ad packs start at an affordable $17.00 for level 1 and progress to Level 7 at $397.00.

 Each level you invest in gives you more and more advertising power until you reach level 7 where you can send solo ads every 2 days to all P.F.F.A. members and your downline every 2 days.

When you invest in level 7 you get monthly ad view deposits so your banners and text ads can run for life. Each level pays you higher and higher commissions.

You can see the levels and what they offer here
  • P.F.F.A lets you build a list fast by giving away free advertising. You get unlimited free ads to give away when you upgrade to an affordable Ad Pack.

  • When people signup under you your list grows and when they upgrade you earn money, lot's of money if you upgrade to one of the higher levels. 

  • But there's much more to this potent wealth creation system you also get huge advertising exposure plus the ability to share your favorite sites with our entire membership via a powerful admin email system and this alone is worth every penny you invest.
Massive earning power!
Important: You only get paid commissions up to the level you join at:

Example: if you join the site at ad pack level 4 and you promote it, you get paid for anyone you sponsor up to level 4. If your referral joins at level 5 or higher you will not get paid on those levels.

If you join and upgrade over time to the highest ad pack level (level 7), you will earn the top commission level (50%) and you will earn from all your referrals no matter what level they join at.
Pricing and discounts!
Pricing discounts are only available on signup, they are not available in the member area. If you want to get a nice discount, now is the time to do it.

If you look at levels 4, 5. 6, and 7 on the main sales page you will see the discount being offered on those levels.

Fair Warning: You will not be able to get these discounts in the member's area, so read our packages carefully before you join and decide which one you would like, and grab your discount today!
Commission Levels
Here are the commission payouts for each ad pack level.
  •  Ad Pack 1 (Manager Level) - $20%
  •  Ad Pack 2 (Mentor Level) - $25%
  •  Ad Pack 3 (Supervisor Level) - $30%
  •  Ad Pack 4 (Executive Level) - $35%
  •  Ad Pack 5 (Director Level) - $40%
  •  Ad Pack 6 (CEO Level) - $45%
  •  Ad Pack 7 (Tycoon Level) - $50%
Free members do not earn commissions and cannot giveaway ad packs but they do get free ads and free ad views which gives nice exposure for their websites.
Earnings Examples...
Example 1: 
If you join at ad pack level 1 now and 3 days later you decide to upgrade up to ad pack level 5, you only need to pay for levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. You can do this in the member's area of P.F.F.A. via the upgrade links. As a level 5 member you will earn a 40% commission on levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Example 2: 
Let's say you signup as a free member of P.F.F.A. and you decide to upgrade to level 6 at a later time. You can do this easily in the member area and the price will be the total of levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. As a level 6 member, you will earn a 45% commission on levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
Example 3: 
You sign up and pay for P.F.F.A. level 1 and when you login to the member area you change your mind and want to upgrade to level 2. All you need to do in this case is pay for level 2 as you already purchased level 1. As a level 2 member, you will earn a 25% commission on levels 1 and 2.

Bottom Line...
Profit From Free Ads is a real business that you can run full time on the net. Every business needs advertising and you can make big money providing it to them.

P.F.F.A. offers you huge benefits too.

You get to build your own list easily and quickly and we pay you to do it.

You get to send solo ads for life, and...

Depending on the level you join at or upgrade to, you get to give away loads of valuable advertising.

Offering Free Advertising builds your list fast and being able to offer Solo Ad Mailings for life helps you keep growing your own client base.

Getting paid high commissions is something we all love and look for in a business opportunity.

P.F.F.A. is one heck of a powerful site and we invite you to hop on board now.

We do full training on the use of the site and our door is always open to our clients. Walk Through it.

Get started today.

Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Profit From Free Ads

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