From Paula - Mail 78,000 mem,bers and make c,ash
From Paula - New Today - Mail 78,000 mem,bers and make c,ash

This has just launched and is growing like crazy.

- Mail to over 78,000 active members.
- Show Your own sites everywhere.
- Get 1 mil,lion f-ree ad credits (Value 5000 bucks).
- Build an instant list.
- E,arn up to 243.95 from mem,bership sales.
- Huge pas,sive cash funnel

Make sure you watch for the one time offers as you sign up.
You will pay more in the members area.

I'll be looking for your a,ds there!

Take care,

Special launch offer...Founders Save 300.00 bucks today so
make sure to check it out. Double and triple your c,ash,
give away 1 mil f-ree credits and reach everyone for life.

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