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Do you really KNOW if the emails that you send are the best converting copy possible?

Of course, the only way you can know for sure is to properly split test and track your responses.

That is difficult for a beginner to do ... until now.

Split Test Mailer has just launched, with automated email split testing on every email you send.

Instead of entering one version of your email into a safelist and hoping that you picked the best copy, now you can do it differently.

Enter two different versions of your email into Split Test Mailer and it will tell you which one converts best.

It sends one version to a small part of the list and another version to another part of the list. It then tracks the results for a few hours to pick which one gets the most opens and clicks. It then sends the winning email to the entire remaining list you are mailing.

You can modify the subject line, the email body, or both between the two emails to test.

Join Split Test Mailer for free and use all the features. Upgraded members get the ability to mail 3 times more often and 1,000 email credits every day, plus a list of extra benefits.

Click to Join and Test Your Emails to Get Better Results!

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