IMPORTANT: Free Webinar Today - Have You Registered?
Hi ,

Today, at 3PM EST, I'm hosting a free webinar specifically
for those who purchased David Perdew's "10 Profitable
Funnels" package from me over the last week or so.

I set the webinar up for today because I wanted to give
buyers of the training/templates time to go through
everything. I of course have gone through the training,
but I have dozens of funnels set up and have been using
some of them for years!

Today's webinar is going to be a question-and-answer format
where attendees can ask me ANY question pertaining to funnels
and how to use them more effectively.

I've already had a number of people ask me questions about
how to drive traffic to their funnels in the first place, so
I anticipate covering that topic. Having been in business
online now for 22 years, I GET website traffic generation.

IF you've already purchased David's package via my affiliate
link, and you haven't registered, simply hit the reply button
and ask me for the registration link. I'll be monitoring email
for much of the day and will get that link over to you ASAP.

Alternatively, if we are connected on Facebook, feel free to
reach out to me via FB messenger, since I use that a LOT, and
find it more reliable than email at times.

IF you for some reason didn't purchase David's funnel package,
it's not too late, but since the Launch Special is over, the
package has changed slightly. I still encourage you to get
it and you can do that by visiting:

Today's webinar WILL be recorded, assuming that I don't screw
things up :-) So, if you register, I WILL send you a link
to download the replay.

Thanks for your attention.

I also encourage you to visit my fairly new blog where I put
a lot of effort into delivering tremendous value to you. I'm
posting a LOT of great freebies there :-)

My blog is at:

I'll see you on the webinar in a few hours.

Dedicated to making 2019 you best year ever,

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