Do You Know 2 or More People Who Need Extra Money ?

The Entrepreneurs of the Roundtable Group is an association of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on the success of each and every member by using a proven marketing concept for success.

We build our 3x3 matrix organization chart within the association before taking a position in the income opportunity compensation plan. We move as one group into the opportunity and create instant success for the member.No one is left behind.

Here are some of the benefits we give you & the members you bring in :

(1.) Free Vacation.
(2.) Free Credit Repair.
(3.) Free Marketing Promos.
(4.) Free Self Funding Debit Card.

Check out our website for more information :

Please watch the presentation video in its entirety
as it explains everything. Have any questions contact
me or get on one of the live webinar presentations

Call In # 563 999 1323 or 641-715-3580 Pin: 115403

Webinar: https://www. theroundtable

Conference Call Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 9pm Eastern
Saturday @ 5pm Eastern

We do everything for you,all you need to do is join for FREE & help grow our association!

To Your Success,
Allan McNichol
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