Published 03-27-2018

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Subject: Earn for F.RE.E Referrals! 

Earn for F.RE.E Referrals!

Check out the all new ShurAds and start earning TODAY!

As a F.RE.E affiliate, YOU can get 

- 25 cents per each F.RE.E referral signup
- big bucks for reviewing ads
- referral bonus if your refs upgrade to pro (residual)
- reward bonus for every ad purchase made by referral

PLUS 1000 F.RE.E mail credits to try out our awesome
system of GUARANTEED mail ads - no ad credit is wasted!

Join ShurAds F.RE.E today:


joseph lombardo

PS: You can upgrade to pro affiliate (Builders 1,2 and 3) at 
any time to boost your income and advertising to extreme levels!

(deep discounts for some of the best advertising online 
PLUS up to 6 x's your ad purchase back)


Subject: Get up to SIX times your ad dollars back! 

Get up to SIX times your ad dollars back!

Come and check out the all-new ShurAds and find out 
how you can start a massive, EFFECTIVE advertising campaign...

... while receiving up to SIX times your advertising dollars back. 


Even more amazing are the email ads that are Guaranteed 
to be opened, and websites Guaranteed to be visited.

So, no advertising dollars are wasted
You can earn up to SIX times your ad dollars back.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for ShurAds now,
and upgrade to Affiliate Pro STAT:


joseph lombardo

PS: You also earn 25 cents sign up bonus for every 
referral plus if they upgrade, you earn referral bonuses, 
matching cycle bonuses and purchase bonuses.


Subject: Get Paid to... Dance?

Get Paid to... Dance?

What??? no lol, We're talking about the ShurAds 

Whoa, that would have been pretty awesome 
though, getting paid to bust a move. HA

The ShurAds Activity Line moves the 6-step 
Progressive Matrix for Pro Affiliates.

(This is the matrix that pays pro affiliates up to 
SIX times their ad purchases back!).

To enter that line, you need ACTIVITY.
Specifically, you need to either have your
ads reviewed, OR, review other's ads.

Simple right?

And in case you're wondering if you read that 
"SIX times your ad purchases back" correctly - you DID.

For every $1 mail credit purchase = up to $6 back
For every $10 mail credit purchase = up to $60 back
For every $100 mail credit purchase = up to $600 back
and so on...

Plus, the Progressive Matrix is made up of 6 mini, 2x1
matrices that move like greased lightning.

Join ShurAds Today:


joseph lombardo

PS: Earn 25 cent sign up bonuses for every F.RE.E referral,
referral bonuses if they upgrade, matching cycle bonuses 
and ad credit purchase bonuses.


Subject: Pushing and Shoving Encouraged!

No referring required to earn!

At the new and improved ShurAds, there is NO need
to refer others in order to earn. Both F.RE.E and Pro
affiliates can earn on their own:

F.RE.E Affiliates
Review Ads = Earn

Pro Affiliates
Review Ads = Earn
Have Ads Reviewed = Earn

For F.RE.E affiliates it's simple enough, no need
for referrals to review websites lol.

For Pro Affiliates, our PUSH system places everyone
that joins after you... below you - actually PUSHING
you positions up the 6-step Progressive Matrix.

Couldn't be easier; join ShurAds today:


joseph lombardo

PS: Wondering how much you could earn if you DID promote?

F.RE.E affiliates get:
- 25 cents per F.RE.E referral
- Referral bonus if referral upgrades (residual)
- Advertising purchase bonuses

Pro Affiiates get:
- 25 cents per F.RE.E referral
- Increased Referral bonus if referral upgrades (residual)
- Matching Cycle Bonuses
- Increased Advertising purchase bonuses

Whether you promote or not, upgrade or not, you
will be a valued member of ShurAds and you WILL earn!





Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 20 years were both disabled and on SSDI for 15 years I'm in FuturNet Ad pack investor and im am also into Cryptogold,I have 7,566 coins The Karatgold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold. It's specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.
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