How Do You Handle Excuses From People You Know Are Lying?
Published 07-24-2017

How Do You Handle Excuses From People You Know Are Lying?
What I do and what I did to fix it,Is I stopped meeting people friends family etc. in person.I stopped doing a company called ACN and went on line,on line most of the people I target are already interested in what I have,Or just looking for on line income,I dont post in FB groups but the specific groups Padlock Income tells me to there's 30 and 30 different pics and scripts short to the point,I do approach people in groups,the new members is what to look for,And people that are already pros at it Empower Network would be mostly for pros im not a pro yet but I see the value in Empower,but it is also newbie friendly,A smart person will see the value in Empower being all in.Now Empower when i'm in Boot Camp will be giving me 20 phone number leads,I have to call 20 per day they really help you out here with a scripts a few and answers to questions people might have and so on,If I get a excuses or a no is what I like better than a excuses I just move on i say OK by have a good one.
One example of a poor excuses I have gotten from someone a relative and how I know there full of it,,ACN has a lot of products one is cell phone service,Sprint,Verizon and Tmobile
now this person has Sprint I can get the same service for a few dollars less,They say i'm in a family group plan,,rather than get together with the family that are relatives and sign up with my Sprint group plan I had them to now,They dont answer my calls my texts nothing they ended it no more talk about it OH well. READY for the real reason,I would be making money from them WTF is that now they would rather pay a stranger than a relative well ya live and learn, That is why I do not want to deal with people in person or that I know all my customers were strangers true story,But on the phone i'm going to be like OK by have a good one.Another doozy was ACN also has land line service with Verizon a friend that lives down the street has Verizon why not sign up with mine and I can save you $10 a month and you'll be feeding a needy child in the USA,OK he gives me all the info but he gave me the wrong number,after he got the wrong number he says lets just forget about it i'll just stay with what I have.These are good reasons for me to deal with people only online i won't tell them your lieing or what have ya he gave me the wrong number on purpose so he can create a excuse that made no sense at all because iI would be makeing money from, a bill $10 less than what he pays now still.none what so ever,Theses stories had to be told to warn you of people of closed minds and other problem there are no names for yet,And to let you see i'm as honest as it gets ,Typing these storys down is one way i use to clear my head,It reminds me that it dont matter skip them and move on i wont stay stuck on stuff like that.



Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.
Excuses are merely nails used to build a house of failure.
He who excuses himself accuses himself.

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

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