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Published 06-05-2017

Who i'm becoming to reach my goal
The person I have become so far is so different already. The confidence that came from small success is great, That and what I learn everyday is what keeps me in the game no quitting.
There really aren't any secrets, Just ways of doing things you need to learn to go forward, I watch and learn only what I’m going to need, But I can promote anything I don’t use also, because I have access to them all, I take most of the free training I give away ,And if its one I did not take its still good I just don’t use it, If you have questions I have and can get answers I am constantly learning everyday and getting better the days I had were I wanted to give up are gone, I want this all of it, A lot I need to do over and over again but I like it and to do this right I need to know what I’m doing, We already have all we need maybe not everything we want but we have more than what we need, our lives are very stress free we have no worries we can do almost anything we want, I was not looking for online marketing but one was given to me that's easy cash 4 ads,its adverting also,the 2end was easy to get its paying for it self and giving me a small profit but it can grow and give me a great profit thats IR Infinity Reload,The 3erd one MCA Motor Club Of America,I love the benefits there awesome for $19.95 per month loaded with benefits i need we all need,Ill go anywhere with anyone and not worry about getting stuck anywhere in the USA and Canada,So i can earn $80 per sign up anyone that's a MCA member can so i post it.The 4th one the maine one is Empower Network all my attenchun is in it the video trainings 1 or 2 every day i go threw then i do them again then i go to the next one, I will get good in Empower Boot Camp.Most of the time im posting ads on safe lists  and thats to get more leeds and i do i get 4 to 6 or more a day,And there going to be for sale soon Fresh leeds,

The best way i learn anything is hands on.

I am following David Wood and Will Wood Empower Network

Hi im Joseph Lombardo my blog is raw stuff its a blueprint it gets to the point,it can be helpful to you it has a lot of good stuff you might be able to figure out how i get leads everyday and can see 120 days from now and 120 days past that ill have a income online of 100$ per day i see it coming mt goal is to earn 1$100 per day 7 days a week there's a plan in affect now,Its all up to time,
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