Published 06-12-2017

with some lame sales pitch to get you to sign up.

You and I must both confidently agree that
you would be a positive addition to the team.

When people get pressured into something,
it only creates future headaches and
people who whine, complain and quit anyway.

I only answer your questions honestly and
I may say things you don't want to hear like:

"John (or Jane), THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU...."

Everyone says they just want to
deal with someone honest and upfront.

And my sponsor and his sponsor and so on,
The whole team in FB and the Padloc and Empower team is
AWESOME,We have a separate FB chat box team also,

Padlock Income has nothing to do with Empower 

So don't worry. You can
contact me - by email or Facebook
 and ask your questions and you'll
get straightforward answers.Or call me on the phone,

Remember, we're looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS...
SERIOUS PEOPLE even for my 2end choice businesses...

I dont have a boss and either do you,I haven't had a boss
in 14 years.

And the whole team is here to help you,We also have a staff,
You'll see when you become partner and
begin the journey to RICHES.
How long will it take?That's up
to you,You'll see when you sign up and
and write down on paper your plan of action.
Ill explain that when we talk on the phone or after you sign up,
A plane of ACTION you dont just do it once
i have had a few each one to get to
the next goal.I've made all my goals i'm heading for the next one now.

See, I'm dead serious about your success.

And I'm dead serious about choosing to work
only with people that are mentally ready
to follow simple instructions and a simple system.
Empower will get you ready with the short cuts and trainings.
Dayley Shortcut ask me for one ill send it to you.

Are you ready to make serious
money online from... anywhere?


Just Do It!

Let's make one thing clear...this is 100%
your choice and I am not here to convince
anybody on anything.Ill show you proof of the power
of Empower Network.In my BLOG SITE
you can get your own blog to, at my site for FREE.
Your own easy to use Blog Site.
I am here to work with truly dedicated
and serious individuals, who are at the
right time in their life to take advantage
of the tools and knowledge I have to offer them.
End of story.Also in my blog there are 3 other
on line networks that i'm still in i stay in because
there free for me now they pay for themselves,
One is only $19.95 per month i keep it because
i really like the benefits there AWSOME!!
This info and other FREE platforms for advertising
can be found in my blog under the title
My Main Focus Here Is Empower Network

If this is you, then JUST DO IT!
You can contact me first if you want ill send
you my phone number or we can talk online
Either way up to you.

Sign up with Empower or any thing in my blog on that page.
and you will automatically
become a new member of one of the most
innovative and fastest growing teams
in the industry. After you sign up,
prepare for Massive Results in your new business
as David Wood the CEO and his brother Will and the team
and your sponsor pour our laser focused energy into
helping YOU experience real success.

I promise is the moment to take act
I promise is the moment to take action.
You can start with anyone i have listed to make
some money to get in to Empower the other 3 do work
and the free ad sites get leeds they work if you do it right.
Ill show you how and where to build landing pages
and funnels,Its all in my blog OSP,We already do have some in our back office
in Empower and the others have there own also
i use them and i use OSP that link will be in my BLOG also
So i hope to hear from you soon take care
Contact me FB fan Page copy and paste the link
if its not clickable.Pins to the top of my fan page is the link to my
FB home page to.


Hi im Joseph Lombardo you can see that my blog is me,its just what i've done and what i am doing,One great thing is i dont need a down line to earn good money with Futurenet,Its up to me on how long it will take me to get to were i want to be,I also save Gold and i get 5% by sharing were i save it and get it with people that join under me,I mainly do it to save my money from the decreasing value of the dollar,and theres a couple other things like Global Crowd Fund I promot lets get it VIRAL!!!!
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