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Published 01-27-2018

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Serge Kozlovsky

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 No automatic alt text available. Soothing the Soul Snail and Duckling Nourishment of Soul Mantras and Meditations for the Contemporary Woman


This is a good friend of mine from Facebook,He has 4 books i have all 3 and there good,

Good content he a real nice guy and im promoting his book.

Serge Kozlovsky is a writer and musical critic whose writings have received wide international recognition. He was born on April, 17, 1969. Serge Kozlovsky graduated Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in 1993. His first publication was issued in 1994. Writings by Serge Kozlovsky have been published in various magazines such as “Bezdelnik”, “Week-end”, “Finances”, “Jazz Quad”, “Our Good News” (Belarus), “The Deli” (USA), newspaper “Muzykalnaya Gazeta” (Belarus). He prepared the TV program “Natura Poetica” on the Minsk 8 TV Channel. 

Serge Kozlovsky is the author of more than 500 musical reviews, 50 interviews and articles, 60 fairy tales and 12 poetical series.
What is the poetry of Serge Kozlovsky about? They are sketches from life. This is an understanding of existence in all its appearances. In essence, this is just what life is.
Simple in form, friendly in the spirit of the poetry by Serge Kozlovsky is full of life and love. It teaches us to see the divine in the ordinary forms and works not only with the mind, but also with the heart of human.
The poetry of Serge Kozlovsky is sincere and has aroused a wide interest among people from different countries. It will certainly stand out from poetry published before.
The address of his personal web site is
The Facebook address is:

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Ill post some stuff from the books soon,
You can buy any one or all 4 of his books at the link,Good reading 
 Awakening Chill   Serge Kozlovsky, deemed “Relaxation Guru” has blessed us with a third book. A poetic approach to inner peace, this work is filled with mantras, meditations, and psychological worksheets, specifically designed to create self-knowledge and connect with the magical universe around us. While exploring ourselves with additional coloring pages and/ or filling in an Id flowchart, we will realize and embrace our full self. This New Age approach to an age-old problem, shows that Kozlovsky dares to breach limits, that most writers fear to explore!
Soothing the Soul The new book of poetry "Soothing the Soul" by Serge Kozlovsky continues where the previous one left off. This book contains more poems, unique coloring pages, and practical exercises for therapy of mind and soul. Poetry of Serge Kozlovsky is full of light and compassion. The author searches for enlightenment and divinity in everyday life and in things that may seem ordinary at first sight. All aforesaid including a positive approach and clearness of the author's language - these features distinguish the creative work by Serge Kozlovsky from poetry written before.
Snail and Duckling Neurographics is a method of art therapy. Neurographics is one of the newest and most fashionable psychological methods. It was developed by an architect from St. Petersburg Pavel Piskarev( Neurographics is also based on psychological methods, such as Gestalt therapy and Kurt Lewin's field theory ( Our world consists of shapes and lines. Neurographics works within the personality field, harmonizes the inner world, and helps formulate the problem and find its solution. It models the new reality through the image, and relieves any form of negative emotions and stress. All the drawings in the book are made in the style of Neurographics by Natali Kozlovsky.
Nourishment of Soul Mantras and Meditations for the Contemporary WomanIf the world has a new relaxation guru it's Serge Kozlovsky. Combining for the first time ever, mantras, meditations, coloring, psychology and stress reducers, this book is certain to make a very, real impact on the reader's life. This book includes exercises in affirmations, journaling prompts and even written regression therapies. The most proactive New Age book yet, it's certain to evoke healing and spiritual nourishment. Serge Kozlovsky started writing when he was six years old and has had an unquenchable thirst for the written word ever since. His website has hosted 39313 visitors and receives many more daily. For more info on his astounding talent please visit

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