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AttachmentsWed, Nov 15, 2017, 11:41 PM
to me
Your site is created and at this address:
If you prefer other usernames, I can change the current one.
For places where the above link is blocked use this one:
You can start using right away. It is best to promote it on autopilot, info is here: 
I also send you 2 attached files. One is with the facebook group list, and the other with ads and information about promoting on FB. I strongly recommend using FB for advertising. I myself get excellent results.
When you get a customer that pays you USD 25, just send him link.
If you need any other assistance, let me know.
P.S.I also have a few more programs that may be helpful to you. You may look at them below: 
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P.P.S.Also as 3rd attachment send you the info about how to increase your traffic on fb.



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Hi I'm Joseph Lombardo I live in New Jersey with my wife, We have been together 20 years were both disabled and on SSDI for 15 years I'm in FuturNet Ad pack investor and im am also into Cryptogold,I have 7,566 coins The Karatgold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold. It's specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.
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