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Published 09-24-2017




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It changed every thing in the way i think now im have good success now,The stuff you see me post in my groups on FB is making me money my primary biz yiou wont see anywhere on FB its not done like that FB that stuff is only small stuff it makes me a few dollars so i keep them there no brainers
There's only two reasons you're failing online.
  • Taking no action
  • Taking the wrong action
I've been guilty of both #1 and #2.
Multiple times. 
I started marketing two years ago -- it took me a year and a half  to make $1.
Isn't that pathetic?
No! It isn't.
Because I turned it all around. Now I'm making some profit and growing every month. 
But thats in sales not networking,Network Marketing is not a sales business its a relationship business.
Now i'm in Mentoring for Free the skills you can learn there are priceless.
I'm a nice guy. I like to help when I can. 
Which is why I'm introducing you to exactly what works.
I spend about 30 min to a hour  per day on business sales promoting, The rest of the time, I'm training listing to the lesson were on in Mentoring for Free,and spending time with my wife.
Doing this full time is a realistic possibility. 
If you get this training, it will show you exactly what's working today and what your doing wrong.
Sound good?
Solo E Mail ADs
Everyone is welcome its free training calls.15 lessons  one per week throughout the weeks,Listen and learn from real professionals,That are not selling training that teach you how to sell the very same training,Ponzi Scheme.Or even if they give you a real product,Just what is the value of it compared to what you paid or are paying,STOP IT!!And you can talk and ask questions on the calls,learn more inside.
I will also send you the PDF of our E Book,It is also in audio.Read or listen to the e book or both listen and follow along is best way,We share it and the lesson were on throughout the week on the calls.This is such a awesome program and its for free. Always
This is the real deal free You'll never find anything like it anywhere
I dont make a dime by refering people here,Thats not how we operate.

Yours in success,

All the Best,

Success Starts Now,
Joseph Lombardo
Hi i'm Joseph,my primary business I dont even share it on FB what i do share is traneing learning how to be a mentor,For Free,The same traneing i paid good money for,but i did not get it understand it,But when i got into Mearing for free it turned a light on and because its free and from the heart im getting it the same stuff that i paid for a year ago and gave up on. here's my link its free,Learn how to teach be a mentor for free the benefits will profit you
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Hi i'm Joseph Lombardo I with mentoring for free,Its the best thing I ever did,They teach us how to think not what to think,We can help you with any business and its always free,we have trainings call all week with pros open discussion you can ask anything, Without a mentor and a mentoring team and constant effort and traneing the proper way to be a network marketer one way is to remember network marketing is not a sales business its a relationship business find my number hrer get on the calls.
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