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Published 07-01-2017
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To expect to make $10,000 or $15,000 per month after just signing up with any business is not something i expect and ether should anyone,Even $1,000 per month in a week even 30 days i dont expect it,I aim for the highest and keep going,I'm not saying it cant happen it can Jerame did it,BUT, he most likely did it after months or even year and the 2 days after launch,That's what it is see to make it in any business you have to be consistent everyday dont stop i slow down a little not much i pick it right back up,Sure after 2 weeks i take a Sunday and do little but i never miss a day,I found out that when i focus on one thing at a time and give it all i get results whether there small or big,And that was after a year i've been getting more and more results,In time ill be better and better at what i'm doing,Right now i own a Safelist Exchange Website i have loads of Ebooks audio and text,I have a huge list growing everyday from 3 sources 4 sometimes,I have 3 list In OSP All people looking to make money on line i have a big list in my back office of Padlock i have the Conversion Pros a list starting there and more landing pages to promote,I have a new thing just got it it will post on FB Twitter Instagram and other places on auto pilot,If you want INFO on this contact me you can find me here FB or Email me at i'm sticking with padlock the same way i got the 5 dedicated people that are working it ill get 5 more and then ten more after that and i'm not done at Padlock there's 2 other things i have growing that will be in this blog and emailed out everywhere soon,So if your looking to get rich in a day or a week or a month well this might not be for you unless you are experienced and can do magic id stop joining things and see if they can promote themselfs lol

Hi im Joseph Lombardo my blog is raw stuff its a blueprint it gets to the point,it can be helpful to you it has a lot of good stuff you might be able to figure out how i get leads everyday and can see 120 days from now and 120 days past that ill have a income online of 100$ per day i see it coming mt goal is to earn 1$100 per day 7 days a week there's a plan in affect now,Its all up to time,
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