Bitcoins Aotearoa - The Five Stages
Published 10-21-2017

1* There are Five Stages each Stage has two Levels.

2*  Get your own Bitcoin don't be lazy research watch youtube listen to your Sponsor. Get knowledge Get wisdom ( knowledge is power wisdom is direction ) and buy more than the minimum (I'm telling my people get Fifty Dollars worth then you're covered no stress...This is a Million Dollar opportunity you need a Million Dollar Attitude!!!

3*  You (physically) go out and get Two people and you all join together for 0.005 BTC each (First join yourself, pay your Sponsor, wait for your link then sign your mates up straight away ) Repeat this Formula Three times and you have your first group of Fourteen People...that's Three Levels...Get your people in the same room with your Sponsor in their groups of three and sign them up One at a time... that will get you to the rotator if you follow instructions and teach your group properly...You are only as good as your Training.

4*  Once you are in, you only donate to two people the whole time...Your Sponsor and your Sponsor's Sponsor...that's it...

5* You only get donations from two people...your Personal Downline and their Downline...that's it
Be open to Learning Educate yourself from people who have done the work and are willing to teach.

Bitcoins Aotearoa   ( Aotearoa is the Maori or local meaning for New Zealand) and it's platform is designed to work for all people worldwide, not just New Zealander's. Those that are conscious of building strong relationships with other like minded affiliates from all over the world, including family and friends with the purpose of creating a better way of life.

To join Team Bitcoins Aotearoa, It's Private invitation only until we Launch live. Register here and use referrer code: 8bcc7ab4

Online & Offline marketer who has a genuine passion for learning the art of affiliate marketing by helping my team to be prosperous. Members and affiliates, many of whom have become great friends, are some of the most genuine, committed people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. My source of income comes from diversifying my portfolio in Health & Nutrition MLM, complemented with measured Alt Coin Investing.
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