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Published 11-06-2017


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Pre-Launch Update
Hello 10xBitCoin Members,
Due to many requests to extend our great FREE offer of 500 Digital Coin Tokens with a FREE Sign-up Acctount, I am extending the Pre-Launch Until Nov 14th at 11Am EST.
All Members should expect there to be NO FURTHER EXTENSION of this great recruiting tool and FREE gift to new Members, and the 200 DCT Bonus Incentive to the Member Making the referral....SO YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS OUT THERE & RECRUIT TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT!
We will also be coming out with additional videos....a shorter recruiting video (In English, Spanish, French, Portuguese), translating some of our videos into Spanish, French & Portuguese, and More tools that will be released in conjunction with our Full Live Launch Date. One or two days before Live Launch, we will also be providing a video walkthrough of the Account Funding Options and the Membership Purchase Options.
Many Members have expressed fear of missing out, in terms of feeling a burning urgency or fearful need to pay their $5.00 early, and expressing a feeling & belief in many Support Tickets that they "will be left behind by their Sponsor if they don't pay $5.00 before Oct 24th!", or that they "will miss or lose their downline if they don't pay before their downline pays their $5.00 !".
Everyone should know that our Program and Company are different than anything you have ever seen or experienced. Those fears and misconceptions ARE A RESULT OF MANY MATRIX PROGRAMS THAT HURT the member because their structure is that when you signup, you are only registering, but you get a position in the Matrix ONLY WHEN YOU PAY the starting amount, AND you will be left behind or miss your sponsor and your downline IN ANY OF THE HIGHER LEVELS YOU DON'T IMMEDIATELY BUY A POSITION !
That is where all of this mistaken fear is coming from, and at 10xBitCoin those and many other problems of most Network Marketing & almost ALL Matrix Programs, have been eliminated & fixed. With our FREE creates a fixed position for you in ALL 7 MATIXES, even our most expensive Titanium Matrix. Your sponsor can NEVER leave you behind and your downline can NEVER get ahead of you!
Your Position in each Matrix will be eligible to earn & receive PowerStart Bonuses and Override Bonus Accumulation once you make an initial or upgrade purchase at any of our the 7 Levels of Matrixes....and you don't have to purchase in an exact sequence, you can purchase a Membership or upgrade in any combination of the Matrix Levels. There's an reason & benefit for that...what if you come across a Team of heavy Hitters who will all be coming in and stepping up to the Titanium Membership, you will want to earn those $50.00 Overrides right away on what might become hundreds of Titanium purchases in your downline, but at the very beginning, you SHOULD NOT be told "Sorry, you MUST PAY first pay $100 for Platinum Membership, $250 for Diamond, and $500 for Double Diamond. You won't hear that bad news at 10xBitCoin. And what if you can't afford anything more than starting with Bronze Membership? Well, with 10xBitCoin, You will still earn Personal Sponsoring Bonuses on EVERY purchase of those you refer, no matter which Matrix it is, even in the high priced Titanium Matrix even though you could afford to upgrade yet. The amounts of Commissions & Bonuses are provided in the Comp Plan Diagrams on our website.
We are excited that you have joined 10xBitCoin, that you are seeing and beginning to understand the huge benefits of the great differences between our Program and the many others out there, and we truly appreciate and are humbled by the trust & hopes you've placed in us. We take them as an awesome blessing and responsibility that drives us each day to create and grow a strong company that you can build an income with that you can rely upon to improve your life and the lives of your families.
Best kind regards,
Thomas Riley, CEO
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Traffic Generation, Ad Network. Everyone knows that the lifeblood, key ingredient, and defining factor of any online marketing effort a business of any category whether online or offline, is traffic, visitors, eyeballs. It is indispensable and has ever increasing demand. As a direct result and benefit of our parent company Deep Profit Streams, and their rapidly and exponentially growing worldwide internal and external network reach, these services will provide tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of viewers and clicks to hungry online and bricks & mortar businesses, thereby generating repetitive, increasing, and sustainable revenue streams and profits to customers & Affiliate Members WITHOUT the government and longevity risks of revshare companies.

Social Media and Valuable Digital Products. Cutting edge marketing systems, services, and tools for both customers and affiliates to attract, engage, and boost conversions & profits. We also offer Valuable, Effective, and Proven Digital Products & Services from reputable partners and some that are proprietary developed and distributed.

Profitable Crypto-Currency Launch Participation. As a by product and subset of our Crypto-Currency education, is our research, contact development, and access to emerging Crypto-Coin launches. How would you like to have been one of the people lucky enough to be part of the very first day and very first group who received or earned Bitcoin back in 2009? Well, not only is that not possible, but if someone had offered it to you then, 99.9999% of people would have said "no way" or maybe even thought the idea was laughable and would never catch on. But most people are not aware that there are new Cryto-Currencies being released or offered for initial sale on a regular basis. But which ones are NOT worth your time to even read about, and which ones show promise worth seeking access to? Our team will continually identify, perform the reviews, and research to uncover the promising Initial Coin Offerings, and some of the hidden gems that are never heard about until the price is making news headlines. In addition, we will review the process for, and establish the contacts for, the access to participate in obtaining part of the early prices & values that can lead to absolutely astonishing gains. This service will provided to, and available only to those who are part of our higher levels of memberships of Double Diamond, and Titanium.




Hello ~fname~,

FREE to join during Pre-Launch, Only 5 dollars to pay on Launch Day, but by that time you could already be in profits because you receive 500 tokens when you register and 200 of our Digital Coin Tokens (up to 100 dollars  USD Value) for EVERY person you refer to join for FREE !! Click this link to join now for FREE and start building your team,   
no FAKE accounts please identities will be verified and only one account per person!!


Yours In Success,

Joseph Lombardo
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Hi im Joseph Lombardo you can see that my blog is me,its just what i've done and what i am doing,One great thing is i dont need a down line to earn good money with all of what i do and we can show you how to do this also,Now that we have the experience and resources to be able to help others that want it,With what we earn we invest into other things that we do we are 3 partners now that are JPL NETWORK we have a few different things we do look in Build a Bizz for my program page there all there
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