Team Bitcoins Aotearoa
Published 10-21-2017

Bitcoins Aotearoa is purposely designed to uplift the economic wellbeing of low income people,
including the average Joe. Bitcoins Aotearoa's platform is designed to work for all people worldwide, not just New Zealander's.

Even the homeless can do this (i.e) providing they get the right support & are motivated enough
to improve their circumstances.
Those that are conscious of building strong relationships with other like minded affiliates
from all over the world, including family and friends with the purpose of creating a better way of life.

Bitcoins Aotearoa Is NZ founded, owned & operated. Owners Tony Waikato & Gavin Brooks have worked tirelessly to bring a fresh approach and a platform which we can be proud of.

The owners are readily available & accessible, In fact via forum posts, live webinars & group chat
they're very interactive with BTCA members. Our Facebook group is set up, with constant updates with a quick guide set up form available. Leaders can phone or zoom with them live - via webcam if & when we need too. Live zooming daily and special editions on request.

There are ZERO fees! No monthly or any other fees whatsoever are paid to BTCA.
A "one time out of pocket donation"! (i.e) conditional to doing the work!
The entry donation to your sponsor in Bitcoins Aotearoa is 0.005 BTC.
(Bitcoin - that's tagged to the FLUCTUATING crypto currency market & at the moment is less than $NZ15)

Depending on how motivated you are? BTCA provides you with an opportunity that has the potential to generate 25.65 BTC (currently valued at over $NZ80,000) within 6 months or less & to do so over & over.

Team Bitcoins Aotearoa!

We are Team Bitcoins Aotearoa entrepreneurial group - The No 1 Team Build especially established to support newbies who are sponsored into our network. So long as you're willing to learn and are sufficiently motivated to help yourself to build your business, We'll be there to support you along your journey to success.  

Our team also provide a variety of materials to help & assist you with your business. As well as online zoom training if required? So let's get you started today on your journey to a successful enterprising business in which you will become a entrepeneurial powerhouse with Team Bitcoin Aotearoa

To join Team Bitcoins Aotearoa, It's Private invitation only until we Launch live. Register here and use referrer code: 8bcc7ab4


Online & Offline marketer who has a genuine passion for learning the art of affiliate marketing by helping my team to be prosperous. Members and affiliates, many of whom have become great friends, are some of the most genuine, committed people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. My source of income comes from diversifying my portfolio in Health & Nutrition MLM, complemented with measured Alt Coin Investing.
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