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Bitcoin is setting unheard of precedents..are You prepared for the Avalanche?
Published 02-10-2018

An Avalanche starts with one tiny snowflake.

Only when it accumulates enough and the conditions are right, does it pose a threat.
One tiny, lone snowflake that lands in your hand may, seemingly, disappear. 

But it still exists. It just takes on another form, invisible to the naked eye. 

Much like Bitcoin.
You can't see it, touch it, or feel it, but it exists, nonetheless. The avalanche is imminent.
It's gaining momentum.  No-one can predict the force of it, nor the exact time.

Knowing this, and that you had (3) choices, which would you choose...?? undecided

    [1] Run around making snow-angels
    [2] Gather up as many snowballs you can make
   [3]  Buy a shovel and pick-axe to build your fortress, an igloo, or snow castle

=> Choose Your Favourite Option Here...

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