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Have You Considered PREMIUM TRAFFIC?
Published 10-09-2018


Send YOUR Solo Ad copy to a PROVEN LIST OF BUYERS that I personally use.

What List?   Private List of Internet Marketing Icon Frank Salinas

What Does It Cost?  Normally $250 Each.  I purchased a BLOCK of these ads with reseller rights.  I am reselling these Extreme Solo Ads for $99 each

How Many Clicks Can I expect?  I have been getting 150 to 250 clicks per ad (this is, of course, subjective).

What factors affect Clicks?  The Subject Line is the BIGGEST  factor in getting clicks.

Do you get Signups and Conversions?  Absolutely.  For example, I sent an ad last week that received 191 clicks, I got 165 new subscribers in my autoresponder, and converted 8 paid members attributed to those signups.  I typically see followup conversions as a result of autoresponder messages that could dribble in over the next couple weeks.

What Other factors affect conversions?  Good autoresponder followup messages, autoresponder list broadcasts, and website posting of my solo ads.

What is  website posting of my solo ads about?  Frank's team also posts your solo ad to his website that continues to get views and clicks to your ads through search engine organic traffic.  His website is submitted to the search engines, and when people send queries to the search engine for popular keywords, YOUR solo ad could be seen in the search results.

Why Buy From Me?  Price.  Frank normally sells these for $250 each.  Last year I bought a block of 24 ads at $200 each without reseller rights.  Frank is trying to raise capital for a new project and made these ads available to his Inner Circle INCLUDING RESELLER RIGHTS.  Frank has set the MSRP for resale at $100.  (I am offering them for $99 each).

How Many Solos are for sale?  30.  When they are gone, they are gone.

Scheduling?  I am permitted to send 2 solos per week.  All scheduling is handled by Frank's team.

How Do You Sign Up?  Instructions are on the next page.  You pay via Paypal, then send me your subject line, ad copy, and URL.  I submit to Frank's team.  I will get scheduling confirmation within 24-48 hours.

How do I know the Number of Clicks?  Frank's team will send Solo Ad statistics to me, and I will forward to you via email. 

I personally use these solo ads myself and have been incredibly happy with my results.  I compare these ads to many of the UDIMI solos I have purchased, and my results have been equivalent to HIGH END UDIMI SOLOS that go for over $1.25 per click (hence why Frank normally sells these at retail on his website for $250) 
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