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Published 08-01-2017
Internet marketing is a numbers game, that's all. You simply drive traffic to your landing pages or lead capture pages in search of subscribers/buyers. The quality of your traffic determines how successful you will be online.
Good news. I can supply you with unlimited instant organic targeted Adsense and YouTube ads compliant traffic for as low as 0.875 for 1000 visitors. Not only is the traffic organic and compliant, but converts as well. Plus our system will boost your websites Alexa rating automatically by simply using our traffic delivery system. 
If you have quality visitors coming to your pages on a daily basis you will experience some degree of success but what if you could double your money by simply driving traffic to a video landing page and or video squeeze page.
If you have a landing page that has a YouTube video on it and you have an Adsense banner pop up 3 seconds after your link is clicked you will get paid for the impression, every time.
If you do not have a video or you are not capable of making one go to fiverr dot com and have somebody over there make you one for five or ten dollars. Then download that video to your computer and then upload it to your YouTube channel and make sure the Adsense banners are active and set to pop up as soon as the video starts. You can learn about fiverr dot com here.
If you are earning $2 per 1000 Adsense banner impressions on your YouTube video and 1000 Adsense and YouTube compliant visitors cost you 0.875 you will make your money back plus $1.125, which means you will more than double your money for basically doing nothing.
This is completely legal and is your job as an Adsense publisher but you can only do your job as an Adsense publisher with Adsense and YouTube compliant visitors. Make sure your landing pages and or lead capture pages are Adsense compliant and stay that way. You can learn about that here.
Plus you are going to get subscribers and make some sales naturally as well, but my point is that you cant lose with this plan. Now take this a step further and think about what you could do with say 200,000 visitors or 1,000,000..
Also, this traffic provider I'm blogging about ran a half price sale during the Holidays and many of my downline members were buying up traffic packages like drunken sailors. Isn't it time you got a piece of the pie?
Click the link below and register for free and discover what we can do for you and your team today.

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