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Payment processors
Published 01-01-2020

How commissions are paid is very important these days. Many people have lost access (been locked out and limited) to a major processor ( I will not name names). Most should know who I refer to. This has forced sites to add other processors. Personally, I prefer a check in the mail as my favorite option. 

Bitcoin is something I have experimented with for processing and getting paid but, I keep running into fees. It is also a bit confusing. There are too many options and many that are taking advantage of others with high fees. 

What I am currently doing is going to all the different sites and programs that I have upgraded in and checking the processor type for receiving payments. If they only have the "banned" option they go on the list that I no longer promote. If I cannot receive a commission payment then why would I want to promote that program. Site owners should also be aware of this and address the issue. 

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