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Eliminate cash-flow worries with this well-timed business.
Published 10-15-2020

Eliminate cash-flow worries with this well-timed business.


Hi [fname]


The COVID-19 pandemic has people all over
the world anxious, scared, and doing what
they can so they can stay safe.


Businesses everywhere have shut their doors,
many for the last time, and scores of people
have been laid off and are now working from
home to avoid catching this malignant virus.


Many people are scared to go shopping, to go to
restaurants, and even to go to their doctors.


But all is not lost.


Now a shift has occurred.


A change that will revolutionize the health and business industries.


A shift in the way we think about health and making money.


It's a simple business, with a simple, lucrative
compensation plan, and a product that sells
itself. This is a business that is perfect for
beginners and experts.


We help you build your business.


I'll see you inside.
Dedicated Diamond Founder
Richard Moore


Is it ok, if I do the work and send you commission checks?
Published 10-11-2020


Is it ok, if I do the work and send you commission checks?


There is no need to rub your eyes or clean
your eyeglasses, you read that subject
line right first time.


All you have to do is signup, follow the
simple instructions, sit back and let me
go to work for you and start sending you commissions.


Go straight to


And let's get started.


Wilbert (CASH-KING) Fenton


Want to generate $7000.00 to $10,000 in just a few weeks?
Published 09-10-2020

Want to generate $7000.00 to $10,000 in just a few weeks?


No joke. My students, ordinary folks like you, are generating
$7000.00 to $10,000 in their first couple of weeks.


All you have to do is copy me and use my fantastic system to
build your financial future today.


I'll plug you into loads of tested and proven
advertising methods and sources.


I'll even do all the selling and closing for you.


I'll take care of all the hard stuff.


Take a look


It's a high-ticket, high-profit opportunity.


There are no products to stock
Nothing to deliver
No expertise is required.


With millions of people all over the world coming online
due to COVID-19 layoffs, this is what they need to start
earning and building a business online.


You can offer these people


 Business development training
 Marketing training
 Personal development training, and
 Wealth education training.


This opportunity is your chance to capitalize on the
massive billion-dollar education industry.


Join me now and...
Let's get started


Harriet Kalissa



Launching Globally, Grab your slice of BIX's advertising action.
Published 05-30-2020


Launching Globally, Grab your slice of BIX's advertising action.



Here's your chance to get in early and have your advertising stand out and get noticed by passionate and highly active users on the fast-growing Markethive network of sites. 


The platform is called BIX (Banner Impressions eXchange) and it is your shot at generating real revenue for your offers from banner placements that earn millions of impressions each month.  BIX is a part of MarketHive, and as such you need to create a free MarketHive account to access it and purchase impressions.


You will be able to connect with entrepreneurs, techies, crypto nerds, artists, innovators, musicians, professionals, and more via your BIX Advertising Impressions.


Markethive provides a valuable inbound marketing platform, commerce portals, and a social network where users can learn, engage, expand markets, and be introduced to trusted providers. 


Imagine having your website shown to thousands of potential customers daily via large, visually powerful 960 x 80 banner ads displayed across the top of all network pages.


The price you pay is based on the marketplace, demand, availability of impressions, and how effective the advertising is. 


Grab first-mover advantage by being one of the first to advertise your product or service across the Markethive network of sites now, by clicking the link to create your free MarketHive account, and that gives you access to BIX and to purchase impressions.


Signup here:


You'll be very glad you moved early on this.


Yours for success,


Neal Brown,


The Neal and Janet Brown Family Trust 


P.S. Act now while BIX is still new, so you can be one of the first to use the new system. Join Markethive now, so you can gain access to BIX and buy your first batch of impressions today.

500 MHV Coins currently worth over $85 when you join today.
Published 03-01-2020

500 MHV Coins currently worth over $85 when you join today.


Have you heard the latest trending news
for the advertising industry?


Blockchain is about to dominate the advertising
industry this year - 2020.


Markethive - the next generation in social
networking is the first Market Network,
built upon the blockchain technology with
the combined might of LinkedIn, Marketo,
and Amazon.


It helps you attract customers through
relevant, helpful content, by adding value
at every stage in the customers buying


This innovative system helps you turn
strangers into visitors, visitors into
leads, leads into customers, and
customers into promoters or advocates
for your products and services.


Join today, and you will get access to


  • A public profile page
    - A blogging platform
    - A video channel
    - A chat channel
    - Social groups
    - Image sharing
    - Link hubs
    - Peer to peer commerce
    - Social network
    - Lead portals
    - And lots more


Did I mention it won't cost you
anything to join and when you
do you'll receive 500 Markethive
coins, currently worth over $85.00?


Don't tread water. Dive into your
exciting future now.


See you inside.


Neal Brown,
The Neal and Janet Brown Family Trust

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