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It seem everyone is looking for the secret to creating wealth.
Published 07-05-2018

Hello There ,

It seem everyone is looking for the secret to creating wealth.

Eyeline Trading’s affiliate plan is based on three basic Wealth principles:

1 Put your money to work for  you

2 Compound your profits 

3 Create leverage building a team 

We believe it’s time for a company and a group of like-minded

individuals to take a stand and create an opportunity 

that can change the world. 

Building a brand that can change the future of millions of people

is not something that we take lightly. 

It is our commitment that you quickly experience for yourself how 

passionate we are about making a true change in your financial 

position and that of your family.  

We’re confident you’ll find that Eyeline Trading is truly something 

special once you’ve reviewed our mission and compensation plan.

It is important to understand that in an affiliate plan that offers a crypto

trading package the money that comes in can go into both.

We understand this with Eyeline Trading and want to be as 

transparent as possible. 

50% of all trading packages go towards operations and 

commissions and 50% goes directly into your trading account.

Start Here :

To Our Success!

David Calderon

An Old Idea + A New Bitcoin Opportunity= A Full Wallet...
Published 06-19-2018

The launch has happened and people are making good money (Bitcoin).

If you have not joined us yet, you can join any time you like. 

If you missed my last email with the invite email, I will send again below.

Just follow the instructions and send out to your friends, family, and prospects.


 If you are Reading this, Congratulations …  You were on my Top 100 List.

 So this is the program I have been screaming from the rooftops about.

 A contact of mine sent me this special invite email recently (shown below) and I have visited the site it shares.  I have to say that the two videos there are quite compelling.

MyDigital6 launched

Explore The Road MapYour Guide to.. "How it Works" MD6 IS LAUNCHED! Be on the lookout for your official invite email or reach your inviter to get started Video #1: An Introduction & founder's mission statement Video #2: How MD6 works & how we earn bitcoin daily Anyone that intends to market t...

You may want to watch them to learn more about what people are doing to create large sums of bitcoin by receiving consistent "micro-payments" of anywhere from $1.00 to $6.00 all throughout the day to their own bitcoin wallet. 

 If you decide to do this, my email and bitcoin payment address is shown at position #1 below.

 You would begin mailing this same invite out with your name at #1, but not until you have collected all six of the MD6 “Product Reply” emails.

 Reach me if any questions,

 David Calderon

 …. So why are others so excited about this ?

 An absolutely brand new, first-of-its-kind bitcoin earner just released. There is no trading or binary in this amazing program.

No robots. No mining either.

This is not a matrix.
There are no levels, or pyramid design.
No mysterious middle man taking our funds and running. Completely legit & compliant with all country codes
Not an MLM either as a matter of fact.

So what is it then? It is a fusion of old world Chain Letter-
meeting high tech Social Platforms-meets word of mouth product referring. Earn daily bitcoin-paid directly to your own personal wallet/acct.

We simply refer our friends, family, and any other various contacts of ours to a simple "digital product hub" website that houses 6 products that they can buy directly from us. That’s right; we are granted full license to earn 100% commissions from every sale of these digital products.

Sounds pretty simple but not very rewarding right? WELL...

You will consistently see $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $6 dollar micro payments come directly into your own personal bitcoin acct (wherever that may be), throughout the day, every day.

You have NEVER seen anything like this!
Witness the power of exponential mathematics and sheer compounding growth in this, the most exciting launch since Bitcoin itself!
See the 2 explainer videos, all 6 product videos, instructions, and more at this Iceland-born website:
 Once you have learned more at the site and are ready, send me $1.00 in bitcoin to:

Member #1:


Note that it will take approx. 15 minutes or longer L for your transaction i.d. number to populate at your bitcoin provider. Once it does, copy it into the "product Request #1" email

(that you download from the site) and email it to me.

Once I verify your payment at my bitcoin provider, I will send you your "Product Reply #1" email within 30 hours (as required by the program). I’m usually a lot faster than that though.

Now repeat this buying process 5 more times starting with paying member #2 below $2.00 in bitcoin, member #3 $3.00, member #4 $4.00, etc.
See further instructions at:

Total investment for six new self-help and internet training products is $21.00 (one time..ever). Buying these products from the six of us members here grants you ownership of all six "Product Reply" emails (like the 1st one I'm soon to send you).

Once you have all six reply emails collected, you are ready to remove the 6th (the last) member here and move the rest of us members down to place yourself at the 1st position on this invite and mail away!! Note that I would then appear at the #2 position in your newly adjusted email and the member at the current #2 position below would drop to #3, and so on.

 Member# 2

pay $2.00 in btc to:


Member# 3:

pay $3.00 in btc to:


Member# 4:

 pay $4.00 in btc to:


 Member #5:

pay $5.00 in btc to:


Member #6:

pay $6.00 in btc to:


Remember to eliminate the 6th person after you pay them and Move the remaining 5 members down a number

(5 becomes 6, 4 then becomes 5, 3 becomes 4, etc.) so you can place yourself at number 1.

Reach me if any questions and welcome aboard MD6!

David Calderon

FULL VIDEO TRAINING ..   Coming Here Soon

Last Call - Launching Tomorrow!
Published 06-14-2018

Hi ,

Today we want to show You our new site that will be officially launched

on the 15th of June 2018; FreeCoins4All

The idea and website has been created with love by Merry Makowski and Mark Dosier,

impassioned marketers, proven webmasters, and JSECoin enthusiastic supporters.

As always, we love to share a link with our members FIRST, so that they

may join in advance. We like to give You the opportunity to

make some commissions before we pump the program

to the General Public with a massive Promotion.


FC4A is a Credit Based Professional Advertising site

and, before anything else, a JSEcoins Earning Accelerator. 

When you promote FreeCoins4All, you will be automatically earning JSEcoins!

Every promotional page that you will use to promote your own FC4A Referral URL

will be earning for you JSEcoins through our site browser.

To make it simple for you, just promote your affiliate links and you will earn JSEcoins on the way!

You will find a link to learn more about JSEcoin right on the FreeCoins4All main page.

The Freecoins4All Benefits in short:

Earn Residual (25% - 50%) Commission 

Get 2 Banners with 2000 Impressions FREE by joining! 

Earn JSEcoins while promoting your FC4A links 

Earn JSEcoins while promoting ANYTHING 

Earn Various Cryptocurrencies from the BEST, FREE Programs 

Advertise your sites on FC4A for Dependable Results! 

Click on the link below and discover All the benefits

that FreeCoins4All has to offer You!

Thanks for reading,

David Calderon

Published 06-16-2018

A great friend and business partner called me up and was very excited about a Bitcoin opportunity he has been working on for a year now.

He could barely hold in his excitement.

He told me what his idea is and that this opportunity is almost complete and about to launch on the 15th of June.

This idea is a year in the making with him teaming up with some very smart people in the industry to put this all in place.

I do have to mention that they did get an attorney to make sure everything is in compliance and meets every legal amenability for longevity.

It doesn't matter what your background is...

ANYBODY Can Do This!

Go Here :

Talk Soon!

David Calderon

P.S. Get on my Early Bird form for information directly to your email first!

Get Referrals and Earn Commissions with These Top Money Makers!
Published 06-04-2018

Hi Friend,

Are you struggling to get signups in your online programs?

Or are you promoting too many programs separate links at once?

Check out this cool multi-income site:

You can build your downlines to multiple sites at once!

Add your top 5 favorite links to your profile, including facebook, twitter and your own blog links.

Also you name and photo giving the site a personal touch which is much needed these days.

Go here now and signup free..

Thanks for your time, and to your success!

David Calderon

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