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Published 03-15-2019

We Want You to See the awesome opportunity ORU has to offer.

ORU is offering a host of spectacular benefits to enhance your lifestyle,

ORU has created the ability for you to do the things you do every day and get rewarded for it. 

These benefits include but are not limited to:

• Send funds to anyone with no FEE!

• Up to 85% savings on all your travel through ORU Travel

• Up to 75% savings on all prescription medicine at over 60,000 participating pharmacies in the USA

• Your own ORU Visa® Card, approval guaranteed and no credit checks

• Your own Marketplace to list and sell your products and services

• List and market your business for free as an existing Premium Member

• Secure communication social and chat

Most importantly, as an ORU Member, you can receive a participation payment each week. The more you participate, the more you get rewarded.

In addition, ORU has an amazing and lucrative sharing benefit

that rewards you instantly for sharing ORU with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Ask me for more information!

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Your MYFUNDS account will be credited with the share reward of $10.00.



Published 02-21-2019

Can You Use A Cash Avalanche In The Next 30 Days Or Less? 
Let Us Show You How To Powerfully And Quickly Leverage $4 - One Time Out Of Pocket - Into Real Wealth Cash-flow!
Our masterpiece compensation plan was developed to pay out commissions at 'lightning speed'! 

We encourage you to start with the 30 day challenge Leveraging System for only $4 ONE TIME out-of pocket 

and let the system help you leverage your earnings. 

Now Here's A Sure Way To Get The JUMP On Your Competition & 

Start Making More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!

It Doesn't Matter Whether You've Ever Joined A Matrix Program In The Past

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Martha , David II , Desirae Calderon

Insta Cash Formula
Published 02-19-2019

Do you think you would be able to copy this email and send it out to other people?

If you got paid for doing just that, do you think that would be an easy way to make money?

You see, all I do is send this email to people, and I get paid $5 & $20 again and again.

Could you think of anything easier than that?

This is plug and play easy!

There's nothing complicated to do. There's no catch and no strings.

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It will be the easiest way for you to earn money online and I'm talking about big money!

Take my advice... if you're serious about generating a predictable income online

and you're tired of jumping from one program to the next, take the time to check out this program,


Come check out this awesome program that everyone is talking about.


The Fastest Way To Build A Huge Email

List And Bank Instant $5 & $20 Payments Like Clockwork!
Finally A System That’s Consistent Create A Monthly Income That Last No More Wasting Valuable Time
Every Signup = $5 Guaranteed! Make Up To $50+ Every Single Day
Every Signup = $20 Guaranteed! Make Up To $300+ Every Single Day
Copy-Paste FAST CASH System Banks $260 DAILY PROFITS With 100% FREE Traffic & Zero Experience…
Bank BIG In 24 Hours Or Less Even If You've Never Made A Dime Online - PROVEN To Work!
Earn While You Sleep Profit System

100% Autopilot Commissions Without Doing Any Selling!

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PayPal LIMITED? Get ORU! 90+ Countries - Withdraw to Visa!
Published 02-10-2019

Heve You Heard That Paypal hates marketers – ORU LOVES US!

New Laws Trigger Account Terminations by PayPal, Stripe, and other Merchant Accounts!

Merchant Accounts Affected THIS YEAR:


As an ORU Premium Member, you can add unlimited
products or services for sale in the ORU Market Place
available to Members from 90+ Countrie
…for ONLY 5.95/mo.

Withdraw your funds to your ORU Visa Card!

Own a Safelist/Traffic Site? Add your Offers under
Services, Profesional Services – Advertising and Marketing.


This is What the Internet Marketing World Has Been
Waiting For! This will revolutionize the way that
Online Merchants take payments and the way that
Marketers will be paid Commissions!

NO MORE merchants freezing your accounts
NO MORE fraudulent disputes and drawbacks
NO MORE high merchant fees
NO MORE worrying if your account will get shut
down for selling digital or non-tangible products
and services
NO MORE limits and delays on bank transfers

Just 24.95 One-time Activation and 5.95 a month!
Everyone is Approved and Qualifies for their
Visa Debit Card to buy and sell online.

And it comes with the opportunity to
CASH IN BIG TIME Just by telling others about us.

You owe it to yourself to take a serious look at this.
Open in 96 countries and growing!

 So right now, it takes about a week (but up to 15 days) to receive your ORU Visa;

when you transfer funds from your ORU account to your ORU Visa,

the first time can take up to 24 hours; my 2nd transfer was less than 2 hours!

Using your ORU Visa to make purchases, no problem at all!

Don’t forget, ORU is accepted in over 90 Countries, and as a Premium Member,

you’ll receive your own ORU Visa Card to spend your funds as you choose.

There’s even an online store where, as a Premium Member, you can sell unlimited products,

or services to other ORU Members, no additional charge.

I have had one customer in the U.S. pay for an OTO with ORU; and another customer from the UK send funds for a purchase.

I have also sent commissions to a few different members in the USA, Canada, and Japan, no problems at all.

Listen Here : http://RRENTEPRISES.INFO

David Calderon

P.S. Once You Join You will find Saving for Your Household Products in Your Back Office!
That Alone will offset the One time Activation Fee!!!

What do you know about link tracking?
Published 01-18-2019

Did you know that most people fail with Internet marketing
because they do not track where they get the best results
with their advertising efforts?

Well, today I am going to share a resource with you which
not only gives free unlimited link tracking, but everything
else you need to make it on-line.

Not only do you get unlimited tracking with detailed reports,
you also get unlimited URL Shortening, a monster list builder
that runs on auto-pilot as well as an automated traffic gene-
rator that can't be stopped once started.

Everything I just described is available in your free account
and as if it is not enough already, you also get to message
your down-line every 10 days with your promotional messages.

I can not imagine it will stay free for very long, so lock in
your account as soon as possible.

Kind Regards
David Calderon

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