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I am going to get right to the point. I want to give you a 100% Free Upgrade at Tron Multiply. If you are currently a member or not a member yet, you should still keep reading because this just makes total sense.

We as marketers are always hunting for the next golden goose to make us rich. But honestly, it's not there. The only way that we can truly come out on top is by helping each other. Most of us do not have $25 , $50, or even $100 to help our fellow marketers. The Covid pandemic has seen to that. But most of us, if not all of us have $5 to $10 that we hold onto to join the next program. Only problem is, when you join the next program the person beside you might not see the benefit of joining like you do. So now you are stuck with a new shinny and no results from your advertising.

We have literally eliminated all of that in one glorious campaign. Our Team, "Team Phoenix" has been lighting up the internet recruiting members on autopilot simply by giving away upgraded memberships to everyone we come in contact with. Our downlines are building enormously because those same new members we recruited see the value in what we are doing and also join in to help build the network. Each membership we purchase for our new downline prospects cost 40trx which is currently only $1.21. But you get a 10trx ($0.30) direct referral commission for every upgraded membership you give away. So the total amount for the upgraded membership is only 30trx ($0.90) to get started earning. This is a one time fee and all further upgrades up the commission ladder are automated.

For this reason alone, we have amassed over 200 plus network members using a simple Give Away Strategy (PIF)! Look below and see how doing this will push you faster up the commission ladder versus the normal advertising channels.

If you gave away 10 paid memberships = 10
Those 10 gave to 10 each = 100
Those 100 gave to 10 each = 1,000
Those 1,000 gave to 10 each = 10,000
Those 10,000 gave to 10 each = 100,000 grand total - 111,110

There is no limit to how many across or how deep your downlines can grow. But this simple Give to others strategy is paying off big time. And that just makes sense to be a part of. You will literally increase your downlines larger than you have ever before.

That's why I want to give you a 100% Free Upgraded membership right now. And all you have to do to claim is register using the link below. Once you have finished registering, email me with your name, username, and let me know if you plan to participate in our campaign to help others by getting them started just like you are now. (This is not mandatory! We want you to help because it's in your heart to help others. The upgrade is yours to keep regardless!)


Must have a tron wallet to register at Tron Multiply! 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Allan McNichol
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