From Fan To Superstar In Record Time
My nephew was watching League of Legends.

It's a computer game with a professional scene.

The term is E-sports and it's taking the world by storm.

Call me old fashioned but I couldn't help laughing…

Why is this kid watching people play video games?

His answer caught me off guard: "You watch people play football. I watch people play League."

His answer shed a new perspective on how I view internet marketing.

Look, human beings like to be part of the action.

Sports teams have long histories because the fans live the moments every step of the way.

And guess what?

Even internet marketers have fans.

Yes, for years I was content being a fan.

Watching and rooting for other success stories.

While I was still in the dirt ignorant of the rules to the game.

How did I become a player who earns money, instead of a fan cheering other people on?

It wasn't a radical transformation.

Not at all.

I simply decided to stop sitting on the sidelines cheering…

…and joined the one team with the longest standing winning streak.

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Best Wishes

Tom Wallace

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