, Ride The Wave To Guaranteed Success!


The WSA 777 plan soft launched March 8, 2024 and now has 7,832 paid participants.

This has all been achieved with. no big launch, no paid advertising, no professional videos or pretty website.

It's growth has be fuelled by the fact that EVERYONE is making money!

The more you give the more you receive is the basis of the plan and it's main benefit is not the amazing amount of cash you will earn, but the lessons of giving to others bringing you success through lasting happiness in all areas of your life.

It's new, it's radical and you can ride the wave to guaranteed success for a one time $5 (will soon be a minimum $35); you can start with more if you choose more levels than just level one (most start with at least 3 levels for $35, which will be the new minimum).

You can watch it grow or join us and benefit from the tsunami of growth now. It's certain that you'll do one or the other; you choose!

You can be 100% passive, but...

If you choose to share with others YOU will earn more money faster !

When you participate, you are helping yourself, your sponsor and the whole WSA community to prosper, whilst helping our mission to banish poverty.


If that sounds like what you want, click below and watch the short video.


We have also set up 3 demo accounts for 777 helping 3 people who have never made money online change their lives for the better financially...

Follow them on TikTok and see the passive way they will make over $10,000, with no selling, no referring and NO RISK! The system does ALL the work!

To Our Success,

Allan McNichol
WSA Username : Aljomc54
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