Video Hosting that pays you!

Video Hosting that pays you!
Published 02-12-2021

Testimonial Generator is new, exciting, and highly rewarding by giving the video account holder a full range of added benefits, such as the ability to send out Testimonial Generator links via social media, email, and text message to receive valuable testimonials, feedback and purchase incentivised reviews for your business, products or services. Increasing your brand recognition and sales volume to a whole other level.

97% of the population will search for great reviews before making their buying decision!

Now you can create stellar trust and build immediate confidence with your viewers and purchasers with this new technology that Testimonial Generator offers.

The cool and amazing part of all this is that once your recipient receives the testimonial link from you and they click to save the video when they are finished. The video comes right back to your Testimonial Generator account for you to view, and publish live to the world!

Businesses and opportunity seekers are seeing amazing results with this easy to use and highly viral tool!

Like I said prior, the system will automatically send you the video recording back to your account and your recipient will then be asked if they would like to try a Testimonial Generator demo account. In doing so the viral component is huge here.

If anyone of your video testimonial prospects upgrades from a demo account you will collect the commission!

Be ready to receive valuable videos, and receive crazy commission payouts.

In the back of Testimonial Generator, they also offer the best video hosting in the marketplace. Crushing the price points of other video hosting companies such as Vimeo and Wistia which charge an arm and a leg for their video services.

By offering ridiculously low onetime - lifetime payments with a 50% commission payout on any paid accounts. Testimonial Generator is the new superior when it comes to video.

Instead of checking how many “LIKES or what kind of IMOJI” you received. Can you imagine checking all the videos that you gained and demo accounts created from your posts and sends? Testimonial Generator has made the cash flow on its new revolutionary system the first in its class.

You can check out this new viral commercial ad right here. It says it all!


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