Rediscover Your Youth and Vitality

Rediscover Your Youth and Vitality with Doctor Approved Phytozon
Published 04-23-2017

PHYTOZON is a revolutionary new product that comes from a team of 15 doctors and research scientists that traveled the world in search of phytonutrients that would have a positive impact on health and wellness. Phytonutrients are plant based compounds that are shown to support biological health and age related function.

Over the course of your life your body ages, and the mechanisms that support and protect it gradually decline.  This is the reason skin wrinkles, hair thins and muscles become weaker.  Phytozon is a patented, proprietary, evidence based natural nutritional supplement, that addresses many of the causes and symptoms associated with the aging process.

During puberty,  the body produces a growth hormone, that in turn, stimulates the production of IGF (insulin-like growth factor) with in the body. IGF is responsible for all the growth changes (skeletal- muscle- sexual) that take place during this cycle of life.  As we age these levels of GH/IGF  gradually decrease an estimated 80%  by the time we are 60.  This decrease is responsible for the changes associated with aging.

RNI-249 is the only substance, natural or pharmaceutical,  which has been shown to increase the body's natural production of IGF.  Case studies from both Ohio State and Case Western Reserve, showed RNI-249  to increase the production of IGF.  Subsequently clinical trials, sponsored in part, by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute on Aging, showed a significant improvement of mobility and flexibility in 94% of patients.  Phytozon is formulated to contain clinically validated, physiologically effective amounts thats affect several different systems of the human body.

Phytozon was developed to help increase energy, reduce fatigue, stress and tension. Aid in memorty recall and improved cognition, facilitate weight loss and stimulate the immune system, assist with pain managment and retard the aging process.  Phytozon is also an Adaptogen.  Adaptogens are natural compound said to possess miraculous cell regeneration and nutritional benefits.  Imporving the muscles use of oxygen, stabilizing blood sugar levels and supporting a healthy digestive system.

Phytozon product and information

All in all there are many reasons why Phytozon is being called the "wow" product and the anti aging miracle.  I personally can attest to experiencing numerous benefits , ranging from increased energy and reduced fatigue, increased flexibility and a large decrease in pain and discomfort in my joints and lower back.  In general I wake up in the morning and say "man I feel good today".  My body actually feels 15 years younger and my disposition has improved significantly because I'm no longer in continual pain and discomfort.

Timothy Gibson


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