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How to attract your target customers to your MLM business?
Published 02-24-2023

How to bring prospects to you

The number one way to attract your target customer to any offer is to use attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the process of providing value to your audience in return they will be attracted to working with you. Attraction marketing is the total opposite of the marketing tactics your upline might teach you. Using the Attraction marketing process your only focus is to provide maximum value. This is a hard concept for most network marketers to understand because they are taught to go after friends and family. Then when they run out of friends and family they are taught to market to everyone that comes within three feet of them. Those tactics can work but they are labor intensive and many people quit after they hear no a few times. 


Attraction marketing is going to save you time. You are not going to post your business offers all day anymore. You are going to post helpful content 3-5 times everyday. This content can be created by you or others. Using this method you will only need two skills: talking and typing. You will either post a video on social media with you talking or you will type content and upload  it. I recommend you do a mixture of both. I said you can post other people content. If you're doing this I don't mean you can download their content and pretend  it's yours. You will find helpful youtube videos or social media content. Then you will click the share button and share it to your social media profile. Never share content without typing your own caption. You need to present yourself as a smart person that people want to follow. This process should only take 30-45 minutes per day. 


The content you post has to solve a problem for your target audience. When you help people solve real problems they have more confidence in you. This is the reason prospects will Line up to join your team. They will view you as a leader. 


Attraction marketing forces you to learn new things. You cannot help anyone do something you dont know how to do yourself. Also, you need to look for more serious problems to solve. For example everyone wants more money, but what is stopping 97% of people from making a good income in the network marketing  industry. Figure that out, create solutions, and share content about it. 


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