How to make money with a forced Matrix
Published 02-25-2023

Today I want to talk to you about how you can make money with a forced Matrix pay plan. A forced Matrix  is a MLM pay plan that creates residual pay for multiple people. The concept of a forced Matrix is to provide income for people whether they recruit  others or not. I should note that people who recruit others often make more money than passive people. 


In a matrix you'll make a certain amount of money for each spot that is filled and you will have a maximum amount of spots depending on your company rank. For example in LiveGood you can earn from $0 to $16,000 on your 2x15 MATRIX. An 2x15 MATRIX means you can only have two recruits on your first level and your matrix goes down 15 levels.


On every level your number of slots gets doubled. For example 2,4,8,16,32,64,128... etc. The best spots to be in is the first two spots of your sponsor so they can provide  you with the maximum amount of spillover. We will talk about spillover in a little while. The way the matrix is designed you will be in the top two spots of someone's  matrix but it's hard to get spillover if they're  not actively promoting the company. That's why it's better to create spillover than to wait for it. 


Spillover is the process of new members  being placed under you in the matrix. Spillover is created when a person recruits more people than they can keep on their first level. For instance in a 2x15 MATRIX only two people can be on your first level. Therefore, everyone who creates more than two people is a spillover creator. You want to be a spillover creator so your income growth won't  be 100% dependent on the work of others. Picture spillover like this. If everyone is waiting  for spillover? Nobody will get spillover. This is because nobody will be coming into the matrix if everyone  is being passive. The best thing about spillover is a process called build under. 


Build under occurs when the members who are placed under you in the matrix begins to build their own organizations. Every member has their own matrix  to build but some matrices overlap. When someone under you build a big matrix all of their activity adds to your matrix. 


Now let's talk about building the matrix. A matrix  is only built by recruiting new members. The key to finding a good matrix to join is looking at the company's  full compensation plan. All of the other components  of the compensation plan had to be attractive to make members want to actively recruit new members. For example  LiveGood has unlimited bonuses to include fast start and check matrix matching bonuses. This gives people incentives to grow their organization. As they grow their organization they can be growing yours too if you're  their upline (the people above them In the matrix) or their direct downline (the people below them in the matrix). 


Some people have said they would like a company wide matrix but I will not recommend that. The reason why is as the numbers get larger you have to wait forever for spillover. Plus there will be less incentives for recruiting.  A matrix only works when people are motivated to recruit.  There are only two reasons passive people are willing to stay in the matrix. 


Your biggest struggle will be to get passive people to stay in the matrix long enough for it to fill. Passive people will quit faster than active people  because active people are investing their time into learning and growing  the business. Active people simply have more invested  than passive  people if you calculate effort as a source of capital. So to get passive people to be more patient you need two things. You need to helpbthem make some money fast as possible. Even if it's a small amount receiving money increases your trust in the process. You also need valuable  products. When people use products and the products work, people stay in to keep benefitting from the products. 


I hope this article helped you understand the forced Matrix compensation plan better. Here is a bonus video to help you understand the matrix a little more. 



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