"ONPASSIVE vs MLM: Understanding the Key Differences"
Published 05-12-2023




"Discover the Key Differences Between ONPASSIVE and MLM Companies"


ONPASSIVE is a technology-based company that offers a suite of digital marketing tools and services to businesses. While it may share some similarities with MLM (multi-level marketing) companies, there are a number of key differences that set ONPASSIVE apart.


1. Product Focus: ONPASSIVE is primarily focused on providing digital marketing tools and services to businesses. Its suite of products includes AI-powered marketing automation tools, website building and hosting services, and various other tools designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. In contrast, many MLM companies focus primarily on selling their own products or services, often to a network of distributors who are incentivized to recruit more distributors.


2. No Recruitment Requirements: While MLM companies often require their distributors to recruit new members in order to earn bonuses or commissions, ONPASSIVE does not have any such recruitment requirements. Instead, its focus is on providing high-quality products and services to businesses, with the goal of helping them succeed and grow.


3. Automated System: ONPASSIVE's business model is based on an automated system that uses AI and machine learning to provide businesses with the tools and services they need to succeed online. This means that businesses can benefit from ONPASSIVE's expertise and technology without having to rely on individual distributors to provide support or guidance.


4. No Upfront Costs: Unlike many MLM companies, ONPASSIVE does not require its customers or members to pay any upfront costs or fees in order to join or use its products and services. Instead, businesses pay a monthly subscription fee for access to ONPASSIVE's suite of tools and services, with no additional costs or fees.


5. No Inventory Management: MLM companies often require their distributors to manage inventory, which can be time-consuming and costly. ONPASSIVE, on the other hand, does not require businesses to manage any inventory, as all of its products and services are delivered digitally.


Overall, ONPASSIVE's focus on providing high-quality digital marketing tools and services to businesses, combined with its automated system and lack of recruitment requirements, set it apart from traditional MLM companies.


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