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How to Build Your Email List
Published 11-15-2023

The email list industry is growing tremendously every day online and an absolute must for anyone serious about building their businesses. Nowadays e-mail marketing is a MUST for every big company in every niche now even if you are just starting out. There's still a huge list of prospects and buyers to pursue. The biggest reason it's so important is because once you have your list built up you can offer them things like high end budget WEDDING DAY ads... this increases your overall volume of sales and increases your overall revenue. People tend to buy based on emotion and feeling and if you can add emotion it can boost sales like no other type of medium could. And it gets better... whenever you want to make a sales move and bring your product to the people you can promote it to your list with ease simply by sending them an email.

But, even before you begin developing your email list... you need to make sure that your landing page is well targeted to the specific product you are selling. Some times it's very easy to purchase leads rather than have a targeted landing page or at least this is the way I've seen it go down. I normally end up purchasing my leads from other companies online, but that does not mean that they give you top notch results. It's always a good idea to test out different versions of your landing page and email message to see which one works the best.

By doing this you can greatly reduce your spam blockers and deliver your message directly to your audience without filters that weed your advertisement off from the intended target. Try getting to know one of your competitors if they have one, find out their keywords, you can even post questions about their products or services. See what keywords they are using and see what words you can use to optimize your sales message too. An absolute must is called a "squeeze page". It is used for the sole purpose of building a list. I will go over a squeeze page and how it can help your business.

The squeeze page shouldn't want to send your visitors to another page so make sure it captures their names and email address, keep it short and use the "call to action" as much as possible. A tried and true method is to leave your visitor with a single option. They either input their name and email address or leave this site. A cascading closing message of your site viewer will instill trust-building, you will have gained their name and email address and gained additional revenue from that prospect too. The squeeze page is very effective for building a list and a good landing page will ensure that the prospects you capture will convert into buyers and subscribers. I hope you've found some useful information, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.




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