Increase your financial IQ (book)

Increase your financial IQ (book)
Published 02-26-2024


I have just finished this book which I highly recommend to learn how to manage and protect your money. Essential financial education to get out of debt, escape financial predators and grow your money intelligently.

A very educational book that can easily be read from adolescence onwards. Benefit from the experience of a man who built his fortune all by himself, starting from scratch.

In this content, you will learn:

1) Financial IQ #1: Make more money.

  - The difference between an asset and a liability

- What attitude to adopt in spending

- Look for jobs to develop skills and not to earn a living.

- Mistakes to avoid before leaving your job.

2 Financial IQ #2: Protect your money

- How a rich person can legally do without taxes and other levies.

- How to get information before closing a deal

- How to identify competent brokers before entrusting your money.

3 Financial IQ #3: To manage your money

- Manage assets and liabilities correctly

4 Financial IQ No. 4: To make your money grow

- Mistakes to avoid

- The rules of money after 1971

- The different financial levers

5 Financial IQ No. 5: To improve your financial information

- Learn to find the right constructive information among an abundance of information.

- Classify information to enrich yourself.

Financial Integrity: Just as a human body is made up of several functional systems to be healthy, the same goes for your financial health.

Develop your financial genius: Discover the natural rules of the brain to make the most of your intellectual potential and increase your learning capacity tenfold.

- The importance of participating in quality training and seminars throughout your life and immersing yourself in environments favorable to your financial growth.

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