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Why I think KulaBrands Business Model is Unique, and Worth checking out.
Published 05-29-2017

KulaBrands is so unique in a way that it's a company  enables creative and talented, artists, inventors, and authors to partner with a community of like-minded people, who will support them in transforming their visions into reality.

The Company has Three Key areas to focus on  in order for any project to be truly successful: Funding, Marketing and Sales.
Our business model, provides the Platform, for Ordinary people, and home based entrepreneurs, to assist project creators, in Three Key areas.

Funding is dramatically more accessible now, through the mechanism of reward-based crowdfunding.

Relevant market exposure, is achieved by a hybrid, of our engaged community members, and our  company Automated social media Publishing software.
Sales revenue is driven by our highly incentivise community, through tried and true affiliate commission programs, utilizing high converting sales pages, as well as word of mouth advertising for success in both on and offline sales channels.

This allows us to capitalize on the Sales Industry to Leverage the Power of the trillions of Dollar Global Retail Market industry reach in order to develop these projects into International Brands.

Technology today, is facilitating greater individual social reach and leverage, and when used to its full advantage, provides a huge array of opportunities, in which to monetize these activities. This will make it easier, faster, and more likely that a project will have a successful launch that would be seen in the marketplace for best results.

It's well known, that royalties revenue are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world. However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The kulaBrands model is opening up the opportunity on a large scale collaboration effort with the inventors, and a community of like-minded people. Thus creating royalty income for the masses.

This kind of creative effort will also be creating jobs, and help the economy in the long run

I'm always willing to share information to as many people as possibly on Money making income opportunities. These are products that have been tested, and have promise but you still have to put in the work if you want to reap the rewards. You can take a tour for yourself take action once you do your investigating.
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