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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Heart & Body Naturals
Published 06-14-2018
I have included Heart & Body Naturals FAQ's in my blog for my team members and anyone who is interested in checking out the transparency of team and company!  We will keep you informed of any updates also!


The cut-off is done at the close of the month so that active orders are compressed up to maximize Matrix Bonus earnings.



They can then be placed back into the enroller's organization where they will once again be part of the Powerline. The enroller can place them anywhere in their organization they want, and on either the enroller's left or right leg. It does not matter what leg they were placed on prior to being compressed back to the holding tank.


How do we get people back into the Powerline for a second or third round?


Inactive members will be placed back into their Enroller's holding tank on the 1st of each month. The Enroller can then immediately placed them back into the Powerline from his or her back office.



We recommend that you place people immediately into the Powerline so that they can have the benefit of having others placed under them.



PSV is Personal Sales Volume. It includes your personal purchases and the purchases of personally enrolled customers, both retail and wholesale, during their first 30 days.

PV is Personal Volume. It includes personal purchases plus the purchases of personally enrolled retail customers.



To be active an account needs to have 25 Personal Sale Volume (PSV).

PSV is the total of your purchases and the purchases of personally enrolled customers in the previous 30 days. A customer is defined as someone who places an order and has not sold to someone else.

For example, you have a free account. You enroll Sally who thinks she wants to build a business. Sally will be a wholesale customer until she sells to someone else. Her purchases count to qualify her Enroller's account as active until either she A) has been a member for longer than 30 days or B) enrolls/sells to others and becomes a Consultant.



25 PSV
  • qualifies your account as active
  • qualifies you to earn the 20% Customer Sales Bonus
  • qualifies you to earn 4% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses
50 PV
  • qualifies your account for all of the above PLUS
  • qualifies you to earn the $1.00 Matrix Bonus on every 50 point order below you regardless of who placed them there or on what leg they are placed.
  • qualifies you to earn 8% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses
100 PV
  • qualifies your account for all of the above PLUS
  • qualifies you to earn the $400 STAR Bonus
  • qualifies you to earn 12% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses
  • qualifies you to earn Binary Team Cycle Match Bonuses
  • qualifies you to earn Rank Advancement Bonuses


We recommend that everyone build outside left and outside right, equally. Building this way maximizes both your Binary and Matrix Bonuses and increases your earning potential on matching bonuses.

Also, it will potentially increase the speed at which you rank advance as you need personally enrolled Executives on both your left and right side.



As long as you remain active with at least 25 PSV every 30 days, the sales volume in your organization will continue to accumulate until you are eligible to earn commissions. It's like a savings account that keeps on accumulating.

If your account is inactive at the close of the month your accumulated volume will be reset to zero and you will be placed back into your enrollers holder tank. The active members below you will be compressed up above you.



Our shipping rates are listed below.

  • $5.95 US Flat Rate
  • $9.95 International Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping on US Order over $100.00


When you sell product to someone else, retail or wholesale, their purchases count towards your Personal Sales Volume (PSV) for active status, rank qualification, the Customer Sales Bonus, and Binary earnings during their first 30 days or until they sell to others.


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