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Finally, someone has reinvented... the rotator!
Published 03-10-2017
  • It's FREE...
    - Recycle your traffic...
    - Never waste a single prospect...
    - Multiply your hits by 5, 10, 20 or more!

    Don't try to imagine it...
    Click the link to checkout my personal RMS Rotator!

  • One of your links is displayed in the "active" frame.
  • The rest of your links display randomly in a curtain menu (banners).
  • If a surfer's mouse leaves the "active" frame, the curtain menu opens automatically.
  • If a surfer clicks any banner on the menu, it's site url opens automatically in the "active" frame.
  • Our "new tab" extension lets surfers open sites in new tabs, without closing the "active" frame.
  • Essentially, you're recycling your traffic to gain additional exposure for your other promo links!

retired,looking to work from home using the internet to earn a passive income doing as little work as possible
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