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Heart & Body Naturals System - It's Proven
Published 06-14-2018

Why are so many of the industry's TOP INCOME EARNERS  joining Heart & Body Naturals every single day? The HBN Incentive Plan is unlike any other plan ever created in the Home Based Business industry.

The HBN Powerline system combined with our DUAL INFINITY plan lets you LEVERAGE AND EARN from the efforts of the ENTIRE COMPANY.

With the HBN DUAL Incentive Plan you can earn on your Infinity Matrix & Infinity Binary. Everyone has 2 first-level positions, one on the left and one on the right. As you personally share with others who purchase product you can place them on either your left or right team. When someone is placed under you they are in both your Infinity Matrix & Infinity Binary!

Since everyone who joins can ONLY be placed under the people who are already in it, by locking in your position today, you will be guaranteed to have HELP BUILDING your team by having people PLACED UNDER YOU. Giving you the BEST chance for maximum success!

Guaranteed Check From Day One


Earn $1.00 on qualified 50 point orders placed by customers in your Infinity Matrix regardless of who signed them up! Everyone receives a check, guaranteed!


Example: When qualified, if you have 500 members purchasing 50 CV on your left leg and 3 on your right, you would earn $1.00 on all 503 of the customers!

A Support Team Committed To Your Success


When you join HBN you become part of our family and will be treated the way family should be treated. You will have access to some of the TOP trainers and coaches in the entire industry to teach you exactly, step by step, how to build your business and MAKE MONEY. Your success coaches will not only teach you how to explode your business, but we will teach YOUR TEAM how to DUPLICATE that success and most importantly, grow your income! Our experts will show you the best ways to drive potential customers to your websites, share products locally, and maximize your efforts with our powerful advertising tools!

This Is Just The Beginning!


What makes HBN so different from most other home based businesses? The PRODUCTS ARE THE MAIN REASON you should join! Thousands upon thousands of individuals each day are losing weight, improving their health, looking and feeling better, PLUS making unheard of amounts of money and you, too, can be one of those people!

With everything we have in place, you truly can be successful. We know this will work for you. With just a little bit of consistent effort, you can finally have the success you deserve! Gone are the days of excitedly joining a home based business only to be disappointed!

Once you have enrolled, you will continually receive updates from our fully automated system like the one below.

our system has ALREADY started working for you!


We are a Network Marketer's DREAM COME TRUE with a dream marketing system to go with it!

The instant you took your free tour on our site, we gave you a FREE ACCOUNT and a TOP position in our DUAL INFINITY Powerline to give you a head start in building your business... and your INCOME!

Your welcome email with your login information is already on its way. You have until the last day of the month to activate your account and KEEP everyone who is placed UNDER YOU.

Learn more about Heart & Body Naturals and our incentive payplan sign up as a customer (Join) for free and get great support as you get healthier and slimmer :)

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