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Heart & Body Naturals Payplan - It's Proven
Published 06-14-2018

At Heart & Body Naturals we believe a simple but thoughtful Incentive Plan offers the best chance for you to supplement your income and obtain your goals.

We've created an Incentive Plan that rewards those who work, quickly and fairly. In our plan there are no hidden traps or hurdles to overcome. We offer you a smart, realistic, and attainable opportunity that works at your pace.

HBN's seven powerful bonuses help you earn more faster, with less qualifiers.

Simple & Super Smart


With the HBN DUAL Incentive Plan you can earn on your Infinity Matrix & Infinity Binary.

Everyone has 2 first-level positions, one on the left and one on the right. As you personally share with others who purchase product you can place them on either your left or right team. New members can also be placed in your teams by your Enroller (or other members above you).

When someone is placed under you they are in both your Matrix & Binary!

7 Ways To Earn


our system has ALREADY started working for you!


We are a Network Marketer's DREAM COME TRUE with a dream marketing system to go with it!

The instant you took your free tour on our site, we gave you a FREE ACCOUNT and a TOP position in our DUAL INFINITY Powerline to give you a head start in building your business... and your INCOME!

Your welcome email with your login information is already on its way. You have until the last day of the month to activate your account and KEEP everyone who is placed UNDER YOU.

Learn more about Heart & Body Naturals and our incentive payplan sign up as a customer (Join) for free and get great support as you get healthier and slimmer :)

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