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New "Random 4" Feature.
Published 12-04-2017

As stated in several emails and the home page, we have a new feature called "Random 4". Random 4 makes income and list building look like childs play. Random 4, gives 4 random new propects to any member that does not have an initial 4 team members. If you have only 1 member than you will get 3 more, if you have 3 than you will get 1 more. Once you reach 4 then the system will move to the next member that joined and fill their slots up to 4 as well.

Why do you receive up to 4 Random new prospects?

Our main goal here at VMC is your success, not failure! So we give everyone 4 random referrals in order to guarantee they have success and always stay in profit.

The first two of your team are given to your sponsor, the 3rd and all after stay with you. So your 3rd and 4th random would give you at least $20 per month which covers the cost of your subscription and gives you $4 profit every month. The best thing about Random 4 is it never stops working for you. Once your 3rd and 4th teammate's turn has arrived to receive their "Random 4", each one of them will get their 4. In which their first two go to you and then they will keep their 3rd and 4th and the cycle never ends. This feature ensure the SUCCESS OF EVERY MEMBER HERE! Every member is instructed to advertise their personal referral link as well as the site basic link https://viralmoneyclub.com .

Why should you advertise the site basic link?

Everyone is instructed to advertise the site basic link for one reason. What goes around comes back around. When you are helping the club, the club will help you. Look at it this way, when you first start off you have zero recruits and it is just you advertising for yourself. When you reach the "R4 Zone",  you would have hundreds to thousands of members advertising to help you grow your team. That is why this is Viral Money CLUB!


You get to a stage in your life where you want to experience some new and different challenges. I am a retired business woman who has only known a brick and mortar type of business. I have challenged myself to learn how to earn an income online so that I could spend more time at home. Well, what a roller coaster ride the Internet is, what a learning curve I have had to go on. I have finally reached the place I want to be on the internet but I will continue to learn and grow. I say Give it a Go.
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