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Published 12-09-2017

2 Products Talked About Inside This Strategy:

BTC Packages - USI-Tech is a TRUE Bitcoin Multiplier where you earn on the BTC you deposit not the dollar value.  So your returns are higher as value of bitcoin goes up… Your contract is 140% Return on capital over 140-180 business days… (initial capital & percentage gain are inside the daily returns Monday-Friday @6pm EST)

140% Revenue is earned from:

-Bitcoin Mining

-Ethereum Mining

-Forex & Alt Coin Trading


-Leasing Patented Technology to other miners (added future revenue)

-ATM’s (added future revenue)

Token Packages - USI’s own official cryptocurrency (Pre-ICO, Internal Launch)... Backed by 8 different technologies USI owns that will be supporting the entire Mining industry… (2 have been revealed so far) - Evan Ahern (he created the technology)

This coin is expected to be a top 10 coin within first year of launching (which would put it at about $3 per coin on the coin market cap)... You can buy this coin right now for 3 cents up to 59 cents depending on the package you buy during the Pre-ICO stage.  This will launch as an ICO after 500 million sold internally to USI reps (estimated April/May of 2018)...


...2 Main Strategies…

#1 - Passive Strategy (You don’t plan on referring or earning referral commissions, or super part time referral commissions)

KEY Milestone - 100 Packages (Daily Compounding)

KEY Milestone - Highest Token Package You Can Afford (Gold up to Diamond, NO SILVERS)

-100% Rebuy until you hit your package goals (see income goals below)…  

Then Once you hit your package goal you follow one of these withdrawal methods:

-80/20 - Withdraw for weekly income + fast package growth (rebuy 4 days, withdraw 1 day)

-60/40 - Double withdraws & maintain current packages (rebuy 3 days. withdraw 2 per week)

(80/20 is good for giving yourself a raise every week and growing your packages fast.  60/40 is good for when you hit the max packages of 10,000.  You only need to maintain at that point.)

Examples Following This Strategy - Start with 80/20 rebuy at these package amounts:

200 Packages = $120 Daily (withdraw $24) per day / $528 per month

1,000 Packages = $600 (withdraw $120) per day / $2,640 per month

3,200 Packages = $1,920 (withdraw $384) per day / $8,448 per month (6 figure income)

5,000 Packages = $3000 (withdraw $600) per day / $13,200 per month

10,000 Packages (switch to 60/40 rebuy) = $6,000 daily ($2,400 withdraw) $52,800 per month!


Example Income from Tokens -

-Silver ($60) - 100 tokens (about 60 cents each)

$1 = $100

$3 = $3,000

$10 = $10,000

-Gold ($3000) - 10,000 tokens (30 cents each)

$1 = $10,000

$3 = $30,000

$10 = $100,000

1 - Passive - (earning from BTC Packages and Tokens only, no referrals)

2 - Referrals - (earning from all products & products your team buys)

-Ruby ($12,000) - 80,000 tokens (15 cents each)

$1 = $80,000

$3 = $240,000

$10 = $800,000

-Emerald ($30,000) - 400,000 tokens (7.5 cents each)

$1 = $400,000

$3 = $1,200,000

$10 = $4,000,000

-Diamond ($59,000) - 1,600,000 tokens (3.5 cents each)

$1 = $1.6 Million   

$3 = 4.8 Million

$10 = $16 Million

Strategy Tip!

One tip to hitting your package goals faster is treat it like a saving account… Put maybe 10% of any outside income into it until you hit your package goal ON TOP of the auto rebuys, or get funding to fund your account and use the earnings to pay the interest payments...

Cool Calculator to set a BTC package budget:

(don’t click the “Register” at the bottom, just use this page for the calculator)

-Withdraw Strategy for the Passive Milestones (You want to rebuy with at least 60-80% of your daily earnings so you are buying more packages than expire.)


#2 - Referral Strategy

Product Recommendations:

-Diamond Token Package = Not only does it give you 1,600,000 tokens but it ALSO gives you a raise in the comp plan to 60% instead of 35%!

-BTC Packages = Get to 100+ btc packages as fast as possible!


Couple Other Milestones To Be Aware of for the Referral Strategy…

-2,000 packages is your next milestone from commission rebuys (gives you the car bonus, $942 per month)

-5,000 packages is the next milestone from commission rebuys (gives you the 2nd half of car bonus $1,884 per month)

Referral Rebuy Strategy:

-100% Rebuy from both unilevel & passive income until you have 100 packages…

-Then set to 100% rebuy with the “include unilevel commissions” set to “NO”...

-Withdraw your “Available Balance” each night from here on out!  


-Optional (if you want to hit the car bonus, or grow passive income faster): Manually “Match” what your auto rebuy does each day.  So if your auto rebuy bought you 1 package today, then you buy 1 on top of that that same day right before your daily withdraw...

If it bought 5, you buy 5… If it bought 144, you buy 144 more, etc.   Do this till you hit the car bonus, then you no longer need to do that anymore.   

-Once you hit 10,000 packages … Set your Rebuy to 60% and unilevel still set to “NO”

(this will maintain your 10,000 packages and give you the max amount of income possible!

****(One of our members) Using this referral strategy alone was able to grow his packages from 25 to 1000 in 6 months & WITHDRAW 39 bitcoin in November alone! (over $500k)...  Yes this is NOT normal income but it shows you the power in being able to earn and withdraw an income while building up your packages at the same time at a 200% compound rate!  

You can also buy more packages if you want.  But it’s up to you!  I personally buy about 200% of my package daily earnings value with this strategy!

***** I used US Dollars as an example above for income and packages.  Technically you are buying Bitcoin, and earing 1% a day on the Bitcoin you have in your account and earning bitcoin for your referrals.  So if bitcoin goes up in price you also earn more!  You are putting bitcoin in and bitcoin out!   US dollars is just easier to illustrate so I’m going by the current rate bitcoin is as of today with these projections…



The formula I used to calculate the monthly income numbers for the 80/20 withdraw method:

First figure out your daily income, then figure out 20% of that as your daily withdrawal, times by 22 days for monthly withdraw amount...

So let's say you have 500 packages.

500 x $60 = $30,000 package value (or you can see how much bitcoin you have in each package to get the real dollar value)

$30,000 x 0.01 = Daily Income $300

$300 x 20% = $60 Withdraw Per Day

$60 x 22 working days = $1,320 withdraw per month to start (goes up each month because of 80% rebuy)


To learn more about USI-Tech and how to invest wisely using Bitcoin watch the videos on the main page of my blog. These short videos cover everything including the USI-Tech legal team, a great video showing you their mining facility in Iceland and also how to purchase the packages.



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