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USI-Tech, No Ands, Ifs, Or Buts.
Published 12-22-2017

As most of you are probably aware, I have been searching for the best solution to the problem of earning from home for way too many years, and I have failed miserably!! Not only that I feel bad about having introduced businesses to people I know (in some cases no longer!)
and I finally resolved to put a stop to that and only promote programs that have either proved to be solid and reliable or, at the very least,
have a sensible proposition. I want you to know that this is one of the most important updates I have ever had the pleasure of sending you.  

Are you ready to explode your income over time?  Then, please take note of what I am about to share with you. Yes, I realise that some of you may already be in this fantastic program and I want to congratulate you, even though you may not have realised the full impact of what USI-Tech can do for you.

I have come to realise that earning around 20% a month (minimum) from what is put into this is far better than chasing shadows that keep vanishing (or any bank!), and seeing how USI-Tech has performed for several years now I can confirm that USI-Tech is the most promising and proven program that I have ever encountered - to say the least!  

The packages all mature at 140% and your income will NEVER stop growing and as long as you keep your re-buy set at 70% or above, you can always be sure that your account will keep growing indefinitely in size and income.  The higher you set it the faster your account
will grow and it is recommended that for a while anyway leave it at 100%.

Watch this video that although out of date as regards to the figures in particular is nevertheless very informative:

Naturally you are able to grow your account from any referral income and also the rise in  btc value, which is highly likely seeing that the value of a BitCoin currently stands at around $17,000 whereas a few weeks ago it was $12K less than that!! It is generally predicted that this could well rise to around $50K or more by the end of 2018!

Can you imagine what your income will be like when the btc value rises to $50k or $100k or more? Yes, set your own income with USI-Tech
and it will be very achievable.  

Everybody earns money with USI-Tech: no ands, ifs, or buts.

Below is the very latest excellent presentation by Lee Oakey using the NEW USI-TECH presentation slides. Many people have been eagerly awaiting this for the last couple of weeks or so but at long last here it is. Please make sure to find the 45 minutes to watch this recording right through to bring yourself up to speed with this VERY frenetic
FANTASTIC business.

Now it's your turn!  Don't play around like I did.  This PROVEN goldmine is yours if you want it.

Go here and start earning today.

USI is now my main choice and any other programs are simply there for diversification but are also based around the BitCoin phenomenon.  
No matter what you are presently doing, USI will not interfere with that and it will very likely end up as your number one program too.  

Wishing you all the very best,
--Paul Messina

P.S. Don't forget, for all the information you need, visit my website page and enjoy. Join our USI-Tech facebook group with the latest updates and video's  from our team leaders.

NZ based online & offline marketer who has a genuine passion for learning the art of affiliate marketing by helping my team to be prosperous online. Members and affiliates, many of whom have become great friends, are some of the most genuine, committed people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. My source of income comes from diversifying my portfolio in Health & Nutrition MLM, complemented with measured Bitcoin Investing. Success is not an Option... It is a matter of Time
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