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New MLM currently in Pre-launch with Free Trial option Jokers Network
Published 02-11-2018

Following more than twelve months of research, development and the recruitment of an experienced, professional team, JOKERS NETWORK has just commenced its Pre-launch phase. The official launch is planned for April 2018 and the good news is that you can join today ...... FREE!

Jokers Network is an online joke service with an annual subion of less than $20 a year. Our members receive a twice weekly supply of great humour via email or an App and there's a great income opportunity simply by introducing a few friends. We use a Unilevel system which is really easy to understand for both experienced networkers and novices alike and, in our opinion, offers a great incentive for our members to spread the word. Paid down ten levels, the earning potential has to be seen to be believed for such a small annual outlay.

The humour that we send to our members includes funny jokes, humourous cartoons, hilarious videos and much, much more. If it's funny we will include it and even though it's designed for an adult audience, there is no bad language or any content of an offensive nature. To ensure that our material maintains the highest possible standard and is suitable for all ages from 18 to 80, we have a jokers panel with both male and female members with ages from 23 to 66.

We also encourage our members to send us their own favourite jokes with a monthly joke competition with prizes for the best three jokes as judged by our jokers panel. The prize money is more than $250 with a winner and two runners-up prizes each month and the winning jokes will all be displayed on the website for a minimum of six months.

There is no hard sell with introducing new members and Jokers Network is probably the easiest business in the MLM industry to recruit for. Our members receive an email twice a week with a link to the unique Joke Page on the website and all they need to do to introduce this fun concept to others is to forward the email to anyone with a sense of humour and anyone who wants to earn some extra cash - that's most people, right?! It's worded in such a way that there's no need to add a covering note as it's all done already.

Jokers Network will be available globally following its launch in April but during the Pre-launch, the main activity is geared for the UK market. We fully appreciate that the humour will need to be varied depending on the location and this will be taken into account with a choice of the type of jokes etc that we will be making available to our global membership.

During our Pre-launch we have two options of membership. Firstly, we offer a no obligation Free Trial where people can sign up with no credit card or bank details required at this stage. We will send the jokes out twice a week during this period and you can introduce as many others to join as you wish who will be placed in your downline. Then, about two weeks prior to launch, we will inform you of the launch date and you can then decide whether or not you wish to join and make your payment accordingly. All of the members in your downline will retain the same positions assuming, of course, that they also decide to join.

The other option for the more serious networker is our Founder Member position. We have allocated one thousand places for this and there are many additional benefits of becoming a Founder Member including a share of the company profits indefinitely. The fee for this is $100 and positions are available on a first come first served basis.

There will be many other benefits of being a member which will be added following launch, and this will make things even easier to introduce new members. This is very much a fun business which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and money in your bank with just a little effort.

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Manjit is a qualified accountant, business trainer, mentor, dynamo role model, and consultant. He currently works as a business lecturer at university. He has travelled & conducted training in many countries including USA, Europe, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE, Turkey, Liberia, Botswana, Kuwait, KSA, Malaysia, Lebanon.
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