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What's up with Trump
Published 03-07-2018

Hi Guys it's Zoomer here with a couple of comments on the new Trump Tariffs. Us Canadians are making the Pot Smoking legal soon and we would like to know if you yanks would like to buy some. We all know you like to puff on a good reefer from time to time and let's face it, ours is the best.

So what's going to happen when the truckers start bringing the powerful puffing across the border. Everyone knows Trumps not a drinker. Why he looks stoned all the time is anyones quess. Personally I think he has a hootka kicking around in that oval office. When the good bud hit's the border and start's selling on the streets of San Fran it's going to be cheap. After all our loonie isn't worth a dixie yoodle. All your expensive California bud will be put on the back shelf when are cheap Canadian bud hit's the markets.

Everyone knows that Pot and Hemp are the USA's biggest money makers now. Well beside Mexican Meth that is. So what is Trump to do. Well he is going to have to hit the Pot industry imports hard. Canadians that are about to open up the flood the world with are top grade smoke are going to be pissed. After all, the oil industry crashed and their ain't much left. Truck loads of Pot heading South were going to fix the economy. Even the Pot Stocks on the TSX were flying high unti they got the tariff news that is.

What are we going to do with that ten millon tons of pot we were going to sell to the yanks. Well I quess were going to have to puff if all up ourselves. We sure are't going to be buying the big US dollar stuff. Not with our cheap loonie. I don't think were going to be buying anything off the yanks. I don't think anybody is going to be buying their stuff. Who want's to buy anything priced in a US buck. Not me.

I wonder if Mexico has got any tariffs. We can just fly over and sell all our Pot to the Mexican Cartels. Their Pot is probably really cheap there. I bet Trump won't be able to tariff them guys. Maybe the walls will have tax collectors on them. What a World AYE. Don't bogart that joint my freind.



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