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Talking Animated Avatar to Introduce YOUR Webpage
Published 05-03-2018
Would you like to have your own Video Pal avatar introducing YOUR webpage?
An animated avatar can...
  • tell your prospects about your products or services
  • introduce a video
  • show a call-to-action button at just the right time
  • make any page a lead capture page
Your concerns...
  • You do not have the skills to create it
  • You do not have the time to learn how
  • You do not want to invest in the software just to create one promotion
  • You do not have a lead capture page
  • You do not have an autoresponder
  • You do not want to spend tons of money
  • You want to be able to make changes quickly and inexpensively
No Problem.   
I own this software and can create this for you, for a reasonable cost
I can work with you to...
  • create your custom voice-over script
  • create the avatar character and animation
  • obtain and set up your autoresponder
  • create your autoresponder campaign
  • create lead capture form and integrate with your avatar script
  • integrate this with your web page
First project - only $30
  • Request more projects on the same order, $20 ea.
Order in bulk and SAVE
  • Request 5 projects on the same order, $100
  • Request 10 projects on the same order, $175
Other software and services (request quote)
  • Maintenance subscription or on-demand contracts for avatar updates 
  • Autoresponders:  Aweber, Getresponse, TeamEliteHomeBusinesses, AIOP
  • Custom landing pages - creative services and integration - Doodly Videos ("the hand")
  • Genusity Proximity Marketing devices and setup
  • SEO Optimizer Pro - website search engine submission
  • Network Marketing training, tools, traffic
  • Social Media marketing training
Rich Moyer
Spaho Consulting

Retired (for the 3rd time). I just blog, write tutorials, network marketing. Major Projects: WorldProfit Team Elite Home Businesses The SuperNet Business Hub TheDownliner and TDL Machine Gorilla Marketing Pro EasyCash4Ads Your Viral List , Your Viral Mailer, Your Viral Traffic, 10XMailer Clickbank Passive Income Task Force Echo Team Payspree Sniper GrabThoseLeads
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