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Finally Found A Home In NUI
Published 06-23-2018

For years, the average person has just wanted to find a real opportunity to make an income online.

Prospects, as you peruse through the pinned posts and learn more about this platform, the mining itself, the compensation, and other information about Nui, just ask yourself a few questions.

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1) Can I, the average person, make money with Nui?
ans: Yes, just based off of the average weekly returns in mining, the answer is simply yes.

Builders ask this question: Can I make a significant amount of money by building myself a team?
ans: Yes. The 10% Bonuses and the 2% over rides happen weekly as members repurchase - The payouts based off of these units become astronomical.

This compensation plan is second to none in the crypto space (see comp plan in pinned posts)

2) Longevity/Stability - Is this company sustainable?
ans: Yes

Why do Network Marketing Companies fail?

a) Attrition, members typically get caught up in programs with monthly fees that exceed the earnings they receive. This causes attrition and forces the builders to constantly re-build down lines. Nui has NO MONTHLY fees and has a passive mining element that pays out weekly - No monthly fees and a passive element = no attrition.

b) Corporate runs out of money and file bankruptcy.
This has a lot to do with attrition. Nui makes its payroll by putting their money where their mouth is. Nui has purchased millions of mining units of their own and uses their weekly payouts to pay their expenses. Talk about drinking your own koolaid. Think about it, Nui was so confident in the mining that they themselves purchased units allowing them to expand their own business. Nui is a debt-free company with an excellent passive product. I see no bankruptcies happening here.

c) Regulations. Many companies are forced to shut down due to compliance issues.

Well, this is where I have to boast a little bit on behalf of Nui. They use the SAME attorneys that the SEC uses in crypto related cases.

If that does not tell you all you need to know about staying compliant, I do not know what would.

Lets break this down to the simplest essence.

If Nui stays in business, anyone with active mining contracts will make money,

It is really that simple. We covered why businesses fail and why Nui is not in danger of such failures.

In my honest, humble opinion, Nui is setting the Standard for network marketing companies moving forward.

Nui, along with our team is growing quickly world wide. All of our members with active mining contracts are making money, they are also able to withdraw when wanted.

In fact, Nui is such a solid company with such an amazing passive product that there are finance companies even willing to finance mining units for Nui members. When is the last time you have heard that in network marketing?

For the long time marketer who is tired and needs one resting place to call home, come on over.

For the marketer who has struggled for years looking for that one opportunity to really make some money, our doors are open to you.

For the beginning marketer looking to enter into this business, consider yourself very lucky to have had someone reach out to you and introduce you to Nui. We are ready to run as fast as you can.

We invite you ALL to get down off of that fence and join us. Come plant your flag in a company that is here to stay, Stop bouncing around from one place to the next, join us and help us continue spreading success around the World.

Get with the person who invited you here and lets get you going. Time is money as they say and the longer you sit on that fence, the more it costs you.

i am a young,black business man trying to leave his mark in this Amazing World!
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