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Bull's Eye! 5 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to a Website
Published 07-18-2018

There's traffic and then there's targeted traffic.  So what's in a name?  Plenty, especially if you're concerned about ensuring that your efforts at attracting the right visitors to your site are not put to waste.  Although this might not matter to a website that promotes a general appeal, it means a lot to websites run by internet marketers and business owners.  Stop wasting your efforts right now and begin driving targeted traffic to your website.  Here are ways how:

Determine your ideal traffic.

Demographics matter.  If you're promoting content for twenty-something yuppies, for example, you might waste time trying to market to work-at-home moms.  Decide on which group of site visitors will appreciate what your site has to offer.  

Know what you want your visitors to do.  Do you want them to join your site as members, vote for your site, buy your products?  If you know who they are and what you expect of them, you'll find it easier to persuade them.

Decide on the method of traffic generation you want to use.

When it comes to driving targeted traffic to a website, you have two choices of methods ? online generation or offline generation.  Online traffic generation refers to the techniques you use for attracting traffic using the internet.  This can include e-mail campaigns, banner ads, click-through ads, text links, SEO, article writing, etc.  

Offline traffic generation is the type of method that involves the use of traditional activities and materials.  This can include classified ads, sticker ads, billboards, flyers, brochures, use of business cards, use of traditional media such as TV and radio, fairs and exhibitions.  

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the nature of your website is, how much you're willing to spend and what you're willing to do.  Which one you use will also depend on who your targeted traffic is.

Design an unquestionable ad campaign.

By 'unquestionable', we mean something that presents your recipients a clear idea of what the campaign is about, why they are being targeted and why they will like what you have to offer.  

Leave no room for doubt when you're promoting something.  Don?t lead your readers on just to find out at the end of your ad or e-mail that it was meant for somebody else.  Don?t waste their time and yours on this useless endeavor.

Allow your website to get bookmarked.

Encourage your visitors to give you a hand by placing a bookmark button on each article that you post on your website.  If they like what you've written, they can give it a vote.  A good number of votes can send your web page to a popular bookmarking site, where it will be easier for your target audience to find you.

Use specialty groups.

Search for news groups and forums that cater to a specific group of individuals, particularly those whose interests are related to the main subject of your website.  If your website is about organic farming, for example, you won't find your targeted traffic in a site catering to gamers and UFO enthusiasts.  Look for categories that are related to your site.

Use websites and membership sites that allow you to participate in a discussion and offer advice, while at the same time promoting a link back to your website.  You can be sure that whoever clicks on your links will be highly targeted traffic and not just some guy who happened to find your site by accident.

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