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OnPassive Review - Team OnPassive
Published 12-15-2018

In this review, I’ll provide my honest opinion on the launch of Onpassive; the new system for lead generation and growing downlines created by Ash Mufareh

This bizop niche has so much churn it can make your stomach sick. It seemed that every week there was a new launch for some new marketing training or guru on how to generate leads and run an online business.​

What’s ironic is people would join these businesses and ask ‘how do I market it?’I guess they didn’t trust the training they were receiving or weren’t willing to put the time, effort and energy to make it work.​


Here’s a statistic that shouldn’t come as a surprise to most marketers: Only 3 out of 100 taste success.For the 3% that do make money online, it usually takes them years to develop their marketing skills and leadership ability.

That is why you see the same people on the leaderboards year after year.After a decade of online marketing, I concluded that the average work-from-home marketer would be better off participating in passive income programs, rather than waste their time being an average marketer. Because average marketers lose money.

Onpassive Review

So, when I heard about Onpassive from a good marketing friend I took notice as the program as described solves problems.As I record this video, here are some of the details for Onpassive:Guaranteed Traffic to your website100% Passive and Hands Free SolutionProprietary marketing Software and Artificial Intelligence PlatformDone For You Marketing and Traffic/Lead Generation That Can Be Used to Promote any Business Opportunity.

This Platform will do 100% of All of the "Heavy Lifting" for YouParticipants will pay monthly for their membership and traffic. Currently, the prices are anywhere from $25 a month to $500 a month.This system is for those of you looking for a simple 100% Hands- Free solution that doesn’t require years of learning, frustrations and loss.Add on top of that a generous compensation plan and company wide forced matrix makes Onpassive a program that a newbie may be able to finally win at.

You won’t have to participate in this system and ask ‘how do I generate leads?’ or ‘where do I get targeted traffic?’The developer of the program is Ash Mufareh. The name sounded familiar and after a little google detective work I remembered that he was one of the top earners in GDI (Global Domain International) and that he had developed his own marketing systems like iPro Fusion and Ashmax.The bizop industry is primed and ready for a program like this to succeed.

Now, what I’m not going to do is OVERHYPE this. It could fizzle out like most bizops do.However, this could be the disruptive opportunity we’ve been waiting for.Once again, 97% of marketer fail. They fail because they have no traffic, can’t generate leads and don’t know how to sell and are not willing to put in the years of effort to succeed.

My hope is that Onpassive will close that gap and create more winners.I’m personally using for my other passive income programs. In fact, other than a few SMS tools, it’s all I promote now.Because if people don’t earn money their first 30, 60 or 90 days - they are gone on to the next thing.

Don’t be a statistic.  Visit:

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