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What is Initiative Q and Why should you join for Free?
Published 12-25-2018

In late October of 2018 I was sent a text message to join Initiative Q program with just my name and email address.  After logging into my invite link and looking around I joined almost immediately.

The reason was simple, I only had to give up my name and give them one of my throw away email accounts so I had nothing to lose.  When I joined on October 26, 2018, I was immediately given a large amount of Q currencey in my account.  Now mind you that the value of these coins is zero even today.  But that's OK because I would rather have something that could be worth a lot of money in the near future than have nothing at all.  They have my name , an email address and possibly an IP address; that's it.

I started to research the founder, Saar Wilf, and was impressed with his background and credibility.  He developed a security system for PayPal and ended up selling it to them for one thing.  He is publically known world wide for his Poker Tournament skills and that is another plus for him.  If he besmirches his credibility in anyway it will have a huge negative affect on his future activities.

So I was immediately given the opportunity to bring in 5 people and I did and I got more rewards in Q coins.  I was then given the opportunity to bring in 10 more people and I did and got more Q coins rewards.  After that I was allowed to bring in 15 more people but this time I did not receive any rewards.  Instead I was rewarded for encouraging my sign-ups to bring others in.  I was rewarded for all my sign-ups bringing in up to 120 new members.  My rewards started at sign-up #41 and ended with sign-up #120.  And all that combined netted me with a collective total of 620,000 Q Coins.

ALL FOR SIGNING UP WITH JUST MY NAME AND EMAIL and with following a few more challenges of helping others to sign-up.

So I am maxed out until they launch at some future date.  But I am not stopping there.  I am continuing my research and will help others find invite links and present facts so each and everyone can make a good decision and join.

Here is some good advice.  Don't over think this and look for reasons not to join.  Join!  It is that simple.  And in the future if you are asked to give up some personal information other than your name then you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

You can contact me at anytime at

Best regards,

Patrick Morairty

I have been earning income from the internet since 1995. Now that I am retired from the professional offline brick & mortar establishments I am ramping up my presence online. I invite one and all to join me in this Initiative Q Digital Currency Venture. The company started in June, 2018 and I joined on October 26, 2018. By November 11, 2018 I maxed out on my free rewards with my reserve Q coins totaling over 620,000. Educating with facts and research on this blog is my new goal.
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